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Saturday Night Slam Masters

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80A66100     Jumbo is Biff
80A66201     Biff becomes Gunloc 
80A66202     Biff becomes Oni 
80A66203     Biff becomes Titan 
80A66204     Biff becomes Stingray 
80A66205     Biff becomes Haggar 
80A66206     Biff becomes Grater 
80A66207     Biff becomes Rasta 
80A66208     Biff becomes Jumbo 
80A66209     Biff becomes Scorpion 
80A66600     Stingray becomes Biff 
80A66601     Stingray becomes Gunloc
80A66602     Stingray becomes Oni 
80A66603     Stingray becomes Titan 
80A66605     Stingray becomes Haggar
80A66606     Stingray becomes Grater
80A66607     Stingray becomes Rasta 
80A66608     Stingray becomes Jumbo 
80A66609     Stingray becomes Scorpion 
80A66A00     Scorp becomes Biff 
80A66A01     Scorp becomes Gunloc
80A66A02     Scorp becomes Oni 
80A66A03     Scorp becomes Titan 
80A66A05     Scorp becomes Haggar
80A66A06     Scorp becomes Grater
80A66A07     Scorp becomes Rasta 
80A66A08     Scorp becomes Jumbo 
80A66A09     Scorp becomes Scorpion 
80A66900     Rasta becomes Biff 
80A66901     Rasta becomes Gunloc
80A66902     Rasta becomes Oni 
80A66903     Rasta becomes Titan 
80A66905     Rasta becomes Haggar
80A66906     Rasta becomes Grater
80A66907     Rasta becomes Rasta 
80A66908     Rasta becomes Jumbo 
80A66909     Rasta becomes Scorpion
80A66800     Grater becomes Biff 
80A66801     Grater becomes Gunloc
80A66802     Grater becomes Oni 
80A66803     Grater becomes Titan 
80A66805     Grater becomes Haggar
80A66806     Grater becomes Grater
80A66807     Grater becomes Rasta 
80A66808     Grater becomes Jumbo 
80A66809     Grater becomes Scorpion
80A66700     Haggar becomes Biff 
80A66701     Haggar becomes Gunloc
80A66702     Haggar becomes Oni 
80A66703     Haggar becomes Titan 
80A66705     Haggar becomes Haggar
80A66706     Haggar becomes Grater
80A66707     Haggar becomes Rasta 
80A66708     Haggar becomes Jumbo 
80A66709     Haggar becomes Scorpion
80A66500     Titan becomes Biff 
80A66501     Titan becomes Gunloc
80A66502     Titan becomes Oni 
80A66503     Titan becomes Titan 
80A66505     Titan becomes Haggar
80A66506     Titan becomes Grater
80A66507     Titan becomes Rasta 
80A66508     Titan becomes Jumbo 
80A66509     Titan becomes Scorpion
80A66400     Oni becomes Biff 
80A66401     Oni becomes Gunloc
80A66402     Oni becomes Oni 
80A66403     Oni becomes Titan 
80A66405     Oni becomes Haggar
80A66406     Oni becomes Grater
80A66407     Oni becomes Rasta 
80A66408     Oni becomes Jumbo 
80A66409     Oni becomes Scorpion
80A66300     Gunloc becomes Biff 
80A66301     Gunloc becomes Gunloc
80A66302     Gunloc becomes Oni 
80A66303     Gunloc becomes Titan 
80A66305     Gunloc becomes Haggar
80A66306     Gunloc becomes Grater
80A66307     Gunloc becomes Rasta 
80A66308     Gunloc becomes Jumbo 
80A66309     Gunloc becomes Scorpion
C0E2151E     Faster timer 
C0E21560     Slower timer 
C1898001     1-second count for pin 
C1898006     6-second count for pin 
C1898009     9-second count for pin 
C189910A     10-second count outside ring 
C189910E     14-second count outside ring 
C18991FE     Infinite time outside of ring

80BDF103     Quicker 'sonic fist' for Biff

80BDF103     Quicker 'sonic fist' for Gunloc

80BDF603     Quicker 'pattycake slap' for Grater

C1DD15F9     Stingray has faster jalepeno comet

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