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Run Saber

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0CBBE201     Start with no continues 
0CBBE202     Start with 1 continue 
0CBBE206     Start with 5 continues 
0CBBE20A     Start with 9 continues 
0CD95800     Start with no super bombs 
0CD95801     Start with 1 super bomb 
0CD95805     Start with 5 super bombs 
0CD95809     Start with 9 super bombs 
0CD97201     Start with 1 health
0CEAC901     Level select and 9 lives selectable on the option menu
809A4B6B     Almost invincible--both players 
809A53AD     Almost invincible--player 1 
809A6BAD     Almost invincible--player 2 
80D56600     Infinite lives--player 1 
80D58600     Infinite lives--player 2 
85FC6A00     Bomb power-ups give no super bombs 
85FC6A02     Bomb power-ups give 2 super bombs 
9FF43CAD     Infinite continues
9FFB1000     Infinite super bombs--player 2 
9FFB2700     Infinite super bombs--player 1

0CE95904     Start with 4 health

0CE95905     Start with 5 health

0CE95908     Start with 8 health

108D5887     Infinite lives--player 1

13FFB4FC     Infinite super bombs--player 1

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