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Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt

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00F00900     Start with 4 lives 
00F00909     Start with 16 lives 
00F00930     Start with 64 lives 
00F00E00     Start with 1 heart 
00F00E01     Start with 2 hearts 
00F00E04     Start with 5 hearts (can only see the last 3 on screen, don't change
hearts on options screen) 
809D8700     Infinite lives 
809E4E00     Get 0 lives for each 100 dollars and 1-Up 
809E4E02     Get 2 lives for each 100 dollars and 1-Up 
80A05E05     Each dollar worth 5 
80A05E25     Each dollar worth 25 
80A0AAEA     Don't lose hearts 
80A0ABA5     Infinite hearts 
80A0B008     Shorter invulnerability time after being hit 
80A0B07F     Longer invulnerability time after being hit

80CB7D05     Jump a little higher

80CB7D07     Jump higher

80CB7D09     Jump really high

80F06990     Pugsley walks faster

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