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Prince of Persia

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018B539C     Enemies drop dead immediately (Using on certain bosses will
prevent you from moving. Choose End Game and use a password to start the level over) 
01AA4D80     Falls do no damage-except onto spikes (You can get stuck. Choose End 
Game and use a password to start the level over) 
01AA522E     Non-fatal falls do no damage 
01AA6D02     Non-fatal falls do 2 points of damage instead of 1 
01CF839C     Non-fatal injuries do no damage
01ED4B02     Start with 2 health points instead of 3 
01ED4B04     Start with 4 health points
01ED4B05     Start with 5 health points
01ED4B06     Start with 6 health points
01ED4B07     Start with 7 health points
01ED4B08     Start with 8 health points
01ED4B09     Start with 9 health points
01ED4B10     Start with 15 health points 
039C3A01     Start on level 2 
039C3A02     Start on level 3 
039C3A03     Start on level 4 
039C3A04     Start on level 5 
039C3A05     Start on level 6 
039C3A06     Start on level 7 
039C3A07     Start on level 8 
039C3A08     Start on level 9 
039C3A09     Start on level 10 
039C3A0A     Start on level 11 
039C3A0B     Start on level 12 
039C3A0C     Start on level 13 
039C3A0D     Start on level 14 
039C3A0E     Start on level 15 
039C3A0F     Start on level 16 
039C3A10     Start on level 17 
039C3A11     Start on level 18 
039C3A12     Start on level 19 
039C3A13     Start on level 20 
3CC0819C     Non-Fatal injuries do no damage

018B4DAD     All enemies have 1 health point

018B4DAD     All enemies have 2 health points

018B4DAD     All enemies have 3 health points

018B4DAD     All enemies have 4 health points

018B4DAD     All enemies have 5 health points

018B4DAD     All enemies have 10 health points

01E9D80A     Freeze timer

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