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Pitfall The Mayan Adventure

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18C1433F     Infinite Lives 
7E00A814     Infinite throwing rocks. 
7E00AA02     Infinite boomerangs. 
7E00AC01     Infinite stones of Pacal. 
7E00C003     Infinite Lives. 
7E021E00     Select starting level. Switch off before leaving level to continue game. 
818A1F00     Moon-jump
818A9B09     Start with 10 lives
81C37D00     Infinite boomerangs
81C57D00     Infinite sling stones
81C62632     Sling stones do mega-damage 
81C78200     Infinite Stones of Pacal 
83809232     Get 2x energy from sacred hearts 
8380924B     Get 3x energy from sacred hearts 
83810114     Pick up 20 Stones of Pacal for every 1
83AF8809     Start with 10 lives

83AF8801     Start with 2 lives

83AF8806     Start with 7 lives

8382A102     Time keeper power-up lasts longer

83AF8809     Start with 10 lives

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