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808E45AD     Infinite health while in the car

81B67CAD     Infinite surface-to-air missles if you have at least one
81B84602     Start with more fuel 
81B84F00     Start with less car ammo 
81B84F05     Start with more car ammo
81B85410     Start with less handgun ammo 
81B8546C     Start with more handgun ammo 
90885F00     Infinite handgun ammo 
908A1100     Gas can worth nothing on pick-up 
908A1202     Gas can worth more on pick-up 
908A3B00     Car ammo worth nothing on pick-up 
908A3C02     Car ammo worth more on pick-up 
908A8200     Hand gun ammo worth nothing on pick-up 
908AC000     Food worth nothing on pick-up 
908AE300     Water worth nothing on pick-up 
908AE401     Water worth more on pick-up 
90908DA5     Almost infinite health while out of the car (except when you eat
poisonous food)

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