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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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0081F201     Start with 1 life 
0081F205     Start with 5 lives 
0081F209     Start with 9 lives 
00B2C000     Start with 1 life 
00B2C005     Start with 6 lives 
00B2C008     Start with 9 lives 
00B2D8C0     Start game with full energy 
00C1B000     No continues 
00C1B009     Start with 9 continues 
00C1C003     Start with mega-points 
00C1DB01     Start with very little energy--first life only 
00C1DB09     Start with a lot of energy--first life only 
00C4C4EA     Infinite lives 
018E2AC0     More energy from capsule 
039367AD     Infinite continues in 2 player mode 
03D15C01     Start with very little energy after first life 
03D15C09     Start with more energy after first life 
03D54718     Large main power up box gives max power 
03D58FB9     Almost infinite life force 
03F045AD     Infinite continues in 1 player mode 
04859A02     Jason moves faster 
0485A202     Billy moves faster 
0485A9C0     Kimberley moves faster 
0485B202     Zach moves faster After
0485BA02     Trini moves faster 
0485C102     Jason moves faster 
0485C9FF     Billy moves faster 
0485D1C0     Kimberley moves faster 
0485D2FF     Trini moves faster 
0485DAFF     Zach moves faster, but the wrong way
049D34AD     Infinite bombs on pick-up 
04BA80AD     Infinite energy

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