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Mega Man 7

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Sent in by Jaguar 7E050401 Megaman is just glitched when in motion. 7E0BC803 No Normal shots. To shoot, you must charge!!! 7E0C2E14 Infinite health, whats interesting is that your bar is 75% filled, and you still have infinite health. 7E0CD906 Regular shots are faster! Another cool effect is that when you shoot 1 time to the left, it reflects and goes to the right! Shoot several consecutive shots to the left, and have many going to the left, and many going to the right! 7E0C0208 Megaman has no animation, and you can't jump up!! LOL 7E0C0302 Same as above, but animation can change on certain actions & looks funny! 7E0C131F The only time MegaMan isnt graphic-glitched is when he's jumping or charging up. 7E0C2502 Walk on air! NOTE: Whenever you jump, you stay at that height. Or, if you come off a high platform, it will stay at that height. Ideal for making long jumps. 7E0C5FEF You automatically shoot full charged, rapidly, and you instantly charge to green when you charge. Its like a semi-automatic! 7E0C0512 + 7E0C0602 Megaman is trapped, and when he moves he causes an earthquake! 7E0C1880 + 7E0C1903 Slide to the right & you slide to the left! 7E0C1780 + 7E0C1880 Mega Man has no helmet when he jumps, he ice-skates when he slides, when you do certain actions the graphics will change 7E0C0301 + 7E0C04C0 Mega Man cant move without hard work!!!
7E0C2E1C Invincibility C1AF4911 Always shoot shots C1AF4922 Always shoot nearly charged shots C1AF4924 Always shoot freeze cracker C1AF4926 Always shoot scorch wheel C1AF492E Always shoot danger wrap bombs C1AF4966 Always shoot noise crush C1AF497D Always shoot fully charged mega buster blasts. Charge to mid-level for freeze cracker, fully charge for thunder bolt! C1AF499C Always shoot slash claw C1AF49B5 Always shoot thunder bolt C1AF49F3 Always shoot wild coil C1AF49FF Always Shoot Charged wild coils C1AFD91F Infinite weapon energy!!!! C1AFD9FF Shoot a special weapon to drail all of it`s energy C1CF39FF Shoot to die C1CF70A5 Bullets don't come out C1CF70FF Shoot white bullets C1CF7CFF Super fast bullets that go up at about an 30 degree angle and when you jump they go about 40 degrees C1CFD9FF Orange shots/special weapons C1CFDAFF White shots/Special weapons

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