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Lufia 2

Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games

008020FF     Increase stats by choosing Equip strongest.
0080BF00     Could give more damage, could heal enemy. Example: Beetle in the
Lake Cave. 
00F04000     Attack Power, Strength, Defense up to 999. Keep in mind that this 
is just ATP/STR/DEF and not whatever else.
808B5C8F     Get 0 "power gourd" or 7 "no equip" on line 02 in the item list by selecting
the spell menu. Can also increase number of items on line with 7 items.
(note: 0 item means 128, sell one then see 127) 
818476FF     No enemy to fight. Win instantly when go into battle and no exp. 
8184F1C2     No enemy to fight. Win instantly when go into battle and no exp. 
819131FF     All enemies will vanish if you try to attack. Enemy will also 
vanish when attack. Only one monster will vanish when attempting to attack.
Everything happens in an orderly fashion.
81F440FF     Super status for the main hero. Need altering. Cannot keep this 
status because he is at level 0. Also got magic that the enemy uses. 
81F4F4FF     Infinite 999 HP. (Cannot save 999 HP data.) (Characters will start
with 999 HP after starting or loading game.) 
81F540FF     Get thirteen gauntlets when unequiping and equiping item. 
81F54200     999 ATP/DFP/STR and up to 9999 damage. Weapons do opposite effects
though. (Insect crusher heals insects.) 
81F94AFF     Load any games with maxed out data. (HP/MP also) Cannot save data.
(999 everything except guts, [GUTS 199]) 
81F94DFF     Any game you load will have maxed out data.
81F94FFF     MAJOR stats increase at level up.
81F95FFE     Load up or start new game with 167 for stats except for HP/MP. (HP[155])
81F99F8F     Yet another code to level up to level 99 in one battle. It can be saved. This
one has more luck.
81F99FFF     Level up to level 83 in one battle.
81F9AFFF     Level-up to Level 22 in one battle. This code will bring you up to the
respective levels with normal stat increases. 
81FC02FF     Get more gold. (1,000+) 
81FC05FF     Get lots more gold. (35,000+) 
81FC34FF     Enemy always misses!!!
81FC38FF     Kill enemy with one hit or magic knows how many HP enemy have. It 
also protects members from attacks, and makes misses on your members,
and if hit will heal. 
81FC74FF     Enemy will miss you. 
82F91CFF     Unequiping an item will add an item. 
82F91D2B     Get zircon armor when unequip item. 
82F91D46     Get deadly sword when unequip item. 
82F91D4A     Get war rapier when unequip item. 
82F91D65     Get deadly sword when unequip item. 
82F91D78     Get zircon armor when unequip item. 
82F91DDF     Get zircon armor when unequip item. 
82F9D1FF     Get many items from going to status screen. 
838B4477     Grass reappear. 59 gauntlets. 
91FC0FFF     Get lots more gold. (20,000+) 
DFF348FF     Major stat increases with level up. (This code will give values from 
23 or so to 99 or sometimes above [changes to 05, 00, etc]) except maybe guts. Maybe
different with different characters, only Maxim has been tested.

07C05862     999 STR/ATP/DFP

07C06863     One battle level 99

41FC0801     You will fight no enemy; while you may run into one, there will be none
there, but you will not fight anything or gain any exp.

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