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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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7EF36D50     Enable Action Replay to give you 10 hearts. There are some 
fairies in the game which restore your health, you must disable Action 
Replay before going to these. The best way is only enable Action Replay 
when your health is running out.
7EF36E80     Unlimited Magic energy.
7EF37746     Enable Action Replay to give you 70 arrows.
7EF34332     Enable Action Replay to give you 50 bombs.
7EF3431E     Infinte bombs. Sets it at 30.
7EF36E80     Infinite Magic! Doesn't decrease at all.
7EF3773C     Infinite arrows. Sets it at 60. 
0780C7CF     Monster touch you one time and your dead.
0780F7CF     Give you infinite energy 
098133CF     Give you infinite bombs 
1EF3AECF     Shops don't take your money when you buy 

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