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Jungle Book

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80881000     Infinite weapons 
80A31600     Hearts from big jungle fruit restore all energy 
80A4C002     Bonus gems worth 2 
80A4C003     Bonus gems worth 3 
80A4C004     Bonus gems worth 4 
80A4D702     Red gems worth 2 
80A4D703     Red gems worth 3 
80A4D704     Red gems worth 4 
80A54702     20 seconds from hourglass 
80A54703     30 seconds from hourglass 
80A8ADAD     Infinite lives 
80ABC3FA     Mega-jumping Mowgli
80ABC3FB     Super-jumping Mowgli 
80FD1001     Start with 2 lives 
80FD1009     Start with 10 lives 
80FD1601     Start with 1 heart 
80FD1606     Start with 6 hearts 
80FD1609     Start with 9 hearts 
80FD16FF     Can take up to 255 hits

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