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Gradius 3

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7E00B40D     This parameter will give you two way missiles any time the 
Action Replay cartridge is enabled. These are probably the most useful 
missiles in the game
but cannot normally be combined with other options.
7E00B006     This parameter will (as long as the switch is enabled) keep
 the option select over the shield ready for a new one.
7E007C03     Unlimited lives, but do not enable the Action Replay until 
the game is running.
7E1E0607     Start with 7 credits 
00BCF0EA     Infinite lives
00D230AD     Infinite credits
C5F3A007     Start with 7 credits 
D5C3FDF0     Start with 7 credits

00BCF1EA     Infinite lives

00D95EEA     Weapons status gauge remains at current level after a weapon is selected 

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