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Final Fight 2

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8085CB02     Slow motion--Switch off effects until play begins 
80A979EE     Both players can select same character 
829C2D00     Players 1 and 2 can't harm each other in a 2-player game 
82A21C00     Start with 1 life 
82A21C02     Start with 3 lives 
82A21C06     Start with 7 lives 
82A21C09     Start with 10 lives 
82A5F200     Infinite lives 
82A6A801     Hitting someone with your super move makes you invincible 
82A6A840     Hitting someone with your super move uses all your energy
82C94000     Infinite time 
82C94002     Faster timer 
82F8FD00     Soft drink worth nothing 
82F8FD80     Soft drink restores vitality 95% 
82F90300     Barbecue worth nothing 
82F90340     Barbecue restores vitality 50% instead of 95%

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