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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

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00C0194E     198 Cures after one is used 
00C019BE     Infinite cure potions. 
00C019FE     Use Cure get Cure
00C019FF     Use a cure potion when you have 2 characters, and it will give you
48,000 H.P.
00C025F0     Cure potions are bombs. 
00C02900     Each cure potion restores life to maximum 
02850B3C     Cool attacks
0285AB3C     Infinite magic points 
02904FA5     Infinite bombs (only in battle). 
02905FA4     Bombs take off a lot more than seen
02905FA6     Bombs take off a lot 
0290BBA5     Infinite ninja stars. 
7E101508     Protagonist always has around 2000 HP 
7E103063     Protagonist always has 99 bombs (regardless of type) 
7E109508     Second always has around 2000 HP 
7E10B063     Second always has 99 of numbered weapons (typically throwing stars
or arrows)

15C049D5     Every Cure Potion restores health to maximum
15E0A919     Wierd attacks
15E0A949     Cool attacks

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