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Family Dog

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80811201     Start with 1 life 
80811209     Start with 9 lives 
80811303     Start with 33 lives 
80811305     Start with 53 lives 
80811309     Start with 93 lives
80811F00     Start with no super barks 
80811F05     Start with 50 super barks 
80811F07     Start with 70 super barks 
80811F09     Start with 90 super barks instead of 20 
80813802     Start with less health 
80813809     Start with more health
80CE4650     Start in the hallway 
80CE4664     Start in the living room 
80CE466E     Start in the hallway to the kitchen 
80CE4682     Start in the kitchen 
80CE468C     Start in the hallway to back door 
80CE4696     Start outside in the yard
80CE46BE     Start in the kennel interior
81AF8CBD     Protection from most hits--vacuum and falls still hurt
81AFDAAD     Don't lose super barks when you lose a life 
81BD3FEA     Bones do not restore any health 
81C6BCAD     Infinite lives 
81C6D300     Cheese treats worth nothing 
81C6D302     Cheese treats worth 2 super barks 
81C6D307     Cheese treats worth 7 super barks 
81C6D30A     Cheese treats worth 10 super barks instead of 5 
81C6F2AD     Infinite super barks as long as you have at least one

80CE4701     Start in the kennel exterior

80CE4702     See the ending

80CE4701     Start in the woods and trees

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