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0DB60D80     Level 255 
809AE3FF     This is a weird sound test. Start a new game and you will go to a 
black screen with some weird sounds & music. 
C1D8EC09     Start at level 9 
C1D8EC0F     Start at level 15 
C1D8EC32     Start at level 50 
C1D8EC63     Start at level 100 
C1D8ECFF     Start at level 255 
C1D8F1FF     Start with an insanely strong character 
C1D90A99     Start with lots of HP 
C1D91B99     Start with lots of psi 
C1D9FBFF     You get Level 99 after battle. 
C1F9981D     You gain atleast 1 level after each battle

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