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8099B501     Start with 1 life 
8099B505     Start with 5 lives 
8099B508     Start with 8 lives 
809A0510     Start with1st life has 1/3 energy--1st life 
809A0520     Start with 2/3 energy--1st life 
82AAF110     Start with 1/3 energy--after 1st life
82AAF120     Start with 2/3 energy--after 1st life 
82AAFC00     Infinite lives 
82AD3000     Can't get hit--some characters are white
82CFC7B1     Almost infinite energy 
82DFEEB1     Monsters take only 1 hit to kill--except skeletons

82BD2CB1     Mega-jump--switch off to land again 

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