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Desert Strike

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00BFE001     AAAs have 1 armor point 
00BFE019     AAAs have 1/2x armor points 
00BFE064     AAAs have 2x armor points 
00C03E01     APHIDs hae 1 armor point 
00C03E0C     APHIDs have 1/2x armor points 
00C03E32     APHIDs have 2x armor points 
00C09001     Speedboats have 1 armor point 
00C0904B     Speedboats have 1/2x armor points 
00C090FF     Speedboats have 2x armor points 
00C13001     Choppers have 1 armor point 
00C1304B     Choppers have 1/2x armor points 
00C130FF     Choppers have 2x armor points 
00C1EC01     Crotales have 1 armor point 
00C1EC7D     Crotales have 1/2x armor points 
00C1ED01     Crotales have 2x armor points 
00C24A01     M48s have 1 armor point 
00C24A64     M48s have 1/2x armor points 
00C24B01     M48s have 2x armor points 
00C2F601     Rapiers have 1 armor point 
00C2F625     Rapiers have 1/2x armor points 
00C2F696     Rapiers have 2x armor points 
00C35401     VDAs have 1 armor point 
00C35432     VDAs have 1/2x armor points 
00C354C8     VDAs have 2x armor points 
00C40401     ZSUs have 1 armor point 
00C4044B     ZSUs have 1/2x armor points 
00C404FF     ZSUs have 2x armor points 
00D15401     AK47s have 1 armor point 
00D15405     AK47s have 1/2x armor points 
00D15414     AK47s have 2x armor points 
00E6AE01     Faster gun auto-repeat speed 
00E6AE18     Slower gun auto-repeat speed 
00E6B100     Guns start at 154 rounds remaining 
00E6B102     Guns start at 666 rounds remaining 
00E6B109     Guns start at 2458 rounds remaining 
00E6B113     Guns start at 5018 rounds remaining 
00E6B126     Guns start at 9882 rounds remaining 
00E6B264     Guns do as much damage as missiles 
00E6CE0A     Start with 10 hydras 
00E6CE32     Start with 50 hydras 
00E6CE64     Start with 100 hydras 
00E6CEFA     Start with 250 hydras 
00E6D064     Hydras do as much damage as missiles 
00E6D204     Missiles fly faster 
00E6EC01     Start with 1 missile 
00E6EC14     Start with 20 missiles
00E6EC32     Start with 50 missiles
00E6EC64     Start with 100 missiles 
00E6ECFA     Start with 250 missiles 
00E6EEFA     Missiles do 250 points of damage 
00E70C01     AAAs do 1 point of damage 
00E70C0A     AAAs do 1/2x damage 
00E70C28     AAAs do 2x damage 
00E70E00     AAA bullets fly slower
00E72A01     VDAs do 1 point of damage 
00E72A0C     VDAs do 1/2x damage 
00E72A32     VDAs do 2x damage 
00E72C00     VDA bullets fly slower 
00E76601     ZSUs do 1 point of damage 
00E76614     ZSUs do 1/2x damage 
00E76650     ZSUs do 2x damage 
00E76800     ZSU bullets fly slower 
00E7A201     Rapiers do 1 point of damage 
00E7A232     Rapiers do 1/2x damage 
00E7A2C8     Rapiers do 2x damage 
00E7A400     Rapier bullets fly slower 
00E7C001     Crotales do 1 point of damage 
00E7C032     Crotales do 1/2x damage 
00E7C0C8     Crotales do 2x damage 
00E7DE01     M48s do 1 point of damage 
00E7DE32     M48s do 1/2x damage 
00E7DEC8     M48s do 2x damage 
00E7E000     M48 bullets fly slower 
00E7FC01     APHIDs do 1 point of damage 
00E7FC25     APHIDs do 1/2x damage
00E7FC96     APHIDs do 2x damage 
00E7FE00     APHID bullets fly slower 
00E81A01     Speedboats do 1 point of damage 
00E81A19     Speedboats do 1/2x damage 
00E81A64     Speedboats do 2x damage 
00E81C00     Speedboat bullets fly slower 
00E83801     Choppers do 1 point of damage 
00E83832     Choppers do 1/2x damage 
00E838C8     Choppers do 2x damage 
00E83A00     Chopper bullets fly slower 
00E85601     AK47s do 1 point of damage 
00E85602     AK47s do 1/2x damage 
00E8560A     AK47s do 2x damage 
00E85800     AK47 bullets fly slower 
0187E900     Infinite fuel 
0187E904     2x fuel consumption 
0189BB2C     Infinite lives
01E59CDD     Infinite ammo 
02996601     Start with 1 life 
02996605     Start with 5 lives 
02996607     Start with 7 lives 
0299660A     Start with 10 lives 
02996614     Start with 20 lives 
02996632     Start with 50 lives 
02996663     Start with 99 lives 
02996C19     Fuel starts at 25 
02996C32     Fuel starts at 50 
02996C4B     Fuel starts at 75 
02996C96     Fuel starts at 150 
02996CC8     Fuel starts at 200 
02996D03     Fuel starts at 868 
C0E5F004     Hydras fly faster

0196AB01     Armor starts at 344

0196AB03     Armor starts at 856

0196AB04     Armor starts at 1112

0196AB08     Armor starts at 2136

0196AB14     Armor starts at 5208

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