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Daffy Duck The Marvin Missions

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7E00FF80     $1100 Infinite 
80990301     Start with 1 life
80990309     Start with 9 lives 
80990325     Start with 25 lives 
80990351     Start with 51 lives 
80995101     Start on level 1-2 
80995102     Start on level 1-3 
80995103     Start on level 1-4 
80995104     Start on level 2-1 
80995105     Start on level 2-2 
80995106     Start on level 2-3 
80995107     Start on level 2-4 
80995108     Start on level 3-1 
80995109     Start on level 3-2 
8099510A     Start on level 3-3 
8099510B     Start on level 3-4 
8099510C     Start on level 4-1 
8099510D     Start on level 4-2 
8099510E     Start on level 4-3 
8099510F     Start on level 4-4 
80995110     Start on level 5-1 
80995111     Start on level 5-2 
80995112     Start on level 5-3 
80995113     Start on level 5-4
809A0500     Start with no nutty attacks 
809A0503     Start with 3 nutty attacks 
809A0505     Start with 5 nutty attacks 
809A0507     Start with 7 nutty attacks 
809A0C02     Start with $2500 instead of $1500 
809A0C03     Start with $3,500 
809A0C09     Start with $9,500 
809A0C30     Start with $30,500 
809A1610     Start with 10 ammo for all guns (except blaster) 
809A1650     Start with 50 ammo for all guns 
809A1690     Start with 90 ammo for all guns 
809A2900     Start with almost no fuel 
809A291B     Start with 2x fuel 
809A2927     Start with 3x fuel 
809A2E00     Start with 0 gems 
809A2E10     Start with 10 gems (2 continues) 
809A2E25     Start with 25 gems (5 continues) 
809BE900     Infinite lives 
809F2006     Start with 1/2 health 
809F2009     Start with 3/4 health 
80ADBB06     Fuel is consumed at 1/4 normal rate 
80ADBB0C     Fuel is consumed at 1/2 normal rate 
80ADBB12     Fuel is consumed at 3/4 normal rate 
80B17C00     Infinite ammo (must have some ammo for the gun to be selectable
80B33BAD     Infinite nutty attacks 
80B7E2AD     Invincibility 
80D99C06     Fuel power-ups are worth 1/2 as much 
80D99C1A     Fuel power-ups are worth 2x
80DA6206     Juice cans set health to 1/2 
80DA6209     Juice cans set health to 3/4 
80DBE800     Extra life power-ups don't work 
80DBE802     Extra life power-ups worth 2 
80DBE805     Extra life power-ups worth 5 
80DCB720     Freeze gun ammo power-ups are worth 20 instead of 10 
80DD8320     Electricity gun ammo power-ups are worth 20 
80DE4F20     Three-way gun ammo power-ups are worth 20 
80DF1B20     Bomb gun ammo power-ups are worth 20 
80DFE720     Antimatter gun ammo power-ups are worth 20 
80E0AA00     Gem power-ups worth 0 
80E0AA05     Gem power-ups worth 5 (1 continue) 
82C0A900     Freeze gun ammo is free 
82C0A920     Freeze gun ammo is $200 
82C0AB00     Electricity gun ammo is free
82C0AB15     Electricity gun ammo is $150 
82C0AD00     Three-way gun ammo is free 
82C0AD15     Three-way gun ammo is $150 
82C0AF00     Bomb gun ammo is free 
82C0AF15     Bomb gun ammo is $150 
82C0B100     Antimatter gun ammo is free
82C0B120     Antimatter gun ammo is $200 
82C0B300     Jetpack fuel is free 
82C0B500     Nutty attacks are free 
82C0B540     Nutty attacks are $400 
82C0B800     Gems are free 
82C0BA00     Extra lives cost $500 
82C0BA01     Extra lives cost $1,500 
82C0F820     Bought Freeze gun ammo is worth 20 instead of 10 
82C15920     Bought Electricity gun ammo is worth 20 
82C1BA20     Bought Three-way gun ammo is worth 20 
82C21B20     Bought Bomb gun ammo is worth 20 
82C27C20     Bought Anti matter gun ammo is worth 20 
82C2DF06     Bought fuel is worth 1/2 as much 
82C2DF1A     Bought fuel is worth 2x as much 
82C38B00     Bought gems worth 0 
82C38B05     Bought gems worth 5 (1 continue) 
82C3E700     Extra lives can't be bought 
82C3E702     2 extra lives for each life you buy 
82C3E705     5 extra lives for each life you buy 
82CADE00     Infinite continues

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