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Clay Fighter

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00B0408D     Scramble Blob's jump. 
00B0428D     Scrambles Blob's ducking Quick Kick and standing Medium Kick. 
00B4428D     Enable Blob's Bomb move (away, away + down, down, towards + down, 
towards, punch)
DAA9CE77     You'll love this code. Not! 
DAABC101     1st hit wins--2nd and later rounds 
DAABC110     Start with 1/6 health--2nd and later rounds 
DAABC120     Start with 1/3 health--2nd and later rounds 
DAABC130     Start with 1/2 health--2nd and later rounds 
DAABC140     Start with 2/3 health--2nd and later rounds 
DAABC150     Start with 5/6 health--2nd and later rounds 
DAAECC00     Can't move on to next fighter.
DB9F3E00     Automatic double K.O. in 1st round 
DB9F3E10     Start with 1/6 health--1st round 
DB9F3E20     Start with 1/3 health--1st round 
DB9F3E30     Start with 1/2 health--1st round 
DB9F3E40     Start with 2/3 health--1st round 
DB9F3E50     Start with 5/6 health--1st round 
DB9F3EFF     Start with more than normal energy in 1st round- bar glitched until
it reaches normal levels
DBA8C030     Bonker's Cutting Cartwheel does more damage

DBDFAF00     Always fight Bad Mr. Frosty after 1st match

DBDFAF01     Always fight Taffy after 1st match

DBDFAF02     Always fight Tiny after 1st match

DBDFAF03     Always fight The Blob after 1st match

DBDFAF04     Always fight Blue Suede Goo after 1st match

DBDFAF05     Always fight Ickybod Clay after 1st match

DBDFAF06     Always fight Helga after 1st match

DBDFAF07     Always fight Bonker after 1st match

DBDFAF08     Always fight N. Boss after 1st match

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