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Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games

0080A0BB     Start whith and keep invincibility!!! 
20E02050     Start with 50 lives 
24809E36     Jump higher 
7E02F0D0     Infinite lives 
809B2900     Infinite time 
809B2901     Faster timer 
80E02204     Start with 5 lives 
80E02224     Start with 25 lives 
80E02250     Start with 50 lives 
80E02275     Start with 75 lives 
82814400     Each yarn ball worth 0 
82814405     Each yarn ball worth 5 
82814410     Each yarn ball worth 10 
8281AE38     Numbered t-shirts worth one more 
8281BCAF     Numbered t-shirts worth nothing 
82885600     Crate of yarn holds 0 instead of 25 
82885650     Crate of yarn holds 50 
82885675     Crate of yarn holds 75 
82885699     Crate of yarn holds 99 
87800F01     Start on chapter 2 
87800F02     Start on chapter 3 
87800F03     Start on chapter 4 
87800F04     Start on chapter 5 
87800F05     Start on chapter 6 
87800F06     Start on chapter 7 
87800F08     Start on chapter 8 
87800F0A     Start on chapter 9 
87800F0C     Start on chapter 10 
87800F0D     Start on chapter 11 
87800F0E     Start on chapter 12 
87800F0F     Start on chapter 13 
87800F10     Start on chapter 14 
87800F11     Start on Chapter 15 
87800F12     Start on Chapter 16 
8E85922E     Jump even higher 
8E859236     Jump higher 
8E859252     Jump lower 
8E996D00     Infinite lives 
D8906E00     Infinite lives 
DDB1175C     Infinite lives 
DDB1F175     Infinite lives

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