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Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

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00810101     Start with 2 lives 
00810105     Start with 6 lives 
00810109     Start with 10 lives 
00810B00     Start with 0 continues 
00810B05     Start with 5 continues 
00810B09     Start with 9 continues
7E00F280     Infinite lives for player 1 
7E00F2A0     Infinite lives for player 2 
7E0EF5E1     Infinite energy for player 1 
7E0EF601     Infinite energy for player 2 
808798A5     Infinite continues--player 2 
8087CAA5     Infinite continues--player 1 
80C737BD     Protection against most strength level 1 hits 
81B440BD     Take less damage from hits 
81BA85B5     Infinite lives-Except level 2, doesn't work on falling
81BAD4B5     Protection against most strength level 2 hazards 
82DE81B4     Infinite lives when falling 
82DF4B80     After getting hurt, for a while enemies won't attack
and you're invisible

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