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Batman Returns

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00CF6B00     Infinite lives 
7E008A50     Infinite energy 
7E009003     Infinite test tube
80C97EA5     Infinite lives (only 3/4 view levels)
80CA39A5     Protection from some hazards 
80CFFD00     Cape sweep uses up no energy 
80CFFD10     Cape sweep uses up more energy 
80D01700     Spear gun uses up no energy 
80D01710     Spear gun uses up more energy 
8180B50B     Start with 9 lives 
81AC0D02     Normal punch does less damage 
81AC0D15     Normal punch does more damage 
81AC0D30     Normal punch does mega-damage 
81AC0E02     Normal knee does less damage 
81AC0E15     Normal knee does more damage 
81AC0E30     Normal knee does mega-damage
81AC1502     Cape sweep does less damage 
81AC1515     Cape sweep does more damage 
81AC1530     Cape sweep does mega-damage 
82D7F200     Maximum energy from hearts 
E8C070A5     infinite lives

81AC1102     Jump kick does less damage

81AC1115     Jump kick does more damage
81AC1130     Jump kick does mega-damage

80AC4006     Start with 6 test tubes

80AC4009     Start with 9 test tubes

C0A3A809     Start with 9 test tubes

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