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Aliens 3

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7E12425E     Infinite energy 
80D8B8EA     Infinite ammo for pulse rifle
80D8CB32     Less ammo in rifle clips 
80D8CBA0     More ammo in rifle clips 
80DB7DEA     Infinite oil for flame thrower 
80DB8C30     Faster fuel consumption for flame thrower 
80DB8CFF     Slower fuel consumption for flame thrower 
80DBD2EA     Infinite ammo for grenade launcher 
80DBE205     Less ammo in grenade clips 
80DBE214     More ammo in grenade clips 
81810303     Less energy from medi-kits 
81810D00     Maximum energy from medi-kits 
81812200     Most attacks do no damage--can switch on and off
81812202     Take less damage 
818291FF     Longer invulnerability after being hit 
81E88804     Start with fewer rifle clips 
81E88810     Start with more rifle clips 
81E88820     Start with even more rifle clips 
81E89504     Start with fewer grenade clips
81E89510     Start with more grenade clips 
81E89520     Start with even more grenade clips

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