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Mario, Luigi, and the Princess

Cape Mario Frog Mario Hammer Mario Luigi Luigi and Mario Luigi bombs a wall Luigi on a Kart Luigi with the Princess Luigi is happy Luigi waves Luigi is jumping Luigi in Mario Kart 64 "Mario" Mario Mario and Bowser Mario on a Kart Mario and Luigi running from a Chain Chomp Mario and Wario Mario background image Mario getting chased by Bowser Mario running with a Koopa shell Mario's mad Mario unlocks the door Mario waves Mario doing a thumbs up on a kart Mario and the Nintendo 64 logo Mario and baby Yoshi Mario and Bowser racing Mario get's first place Mario's jumping Mario get's a hammer and friendly Goombas watch him Mario and Larry Mario and Lemmy Mario and Lidwig Mario and Roy Mario in Mario Kart 64 Mario and Yoshi Mario and Yoshi Mario is driving Mario is juggling Mario is racing Mario find's a star That's right, Mario cares about your Nintendo games and systems. Mario Mario Mario Mario running with a mushroom Mario's racing with a flag Mario's flying Watch out everyone, Mario's here. Mario and Luigi Mario, Luigi and some enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2 Mario and the princess Mario's Running Mario Mario holding a wand Mario and Wart Mario is swimming Happy Mario Happy Mario Mario about to enter the Lost Level's Mario and a star Five different Mario's Mario and Bowser Mario jumping on a cannon ball Mario get's hit by cannon balls Mario's chasing a star Mario knocks a Green Koopa Troopa out of his shell Mario is hugging Luigi Mario is jumping Mario and Luigi are jumping Mario and Luigi are with enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2 Mario's trying to pull a plant up Mario's sleeping Mario's spinning Mario and his suits Mario throw's a shell up into the air Mario giving out the peace sign Mic Mario Mario Running Mario Punching Mario E-Mail Mario Mario Happy Mario Happy Mario Mario Mario on a Kart Mario on a Kart Mario fighting Bowser Mario fighting Bowser Mario standing next to the Nintendo 64 Mario, from Mario Kart 64 Wing Mario Mario and the Princess waving Mario, Toad, Tryclyde, and Wart Princess Princess The Princess on a race Kart The Princess is jumping

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