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Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

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Sent in by Code Hunter Enter the following codes as a password at the "New Secrets" screen: Invincibility: [Raven] [Salmon] [Eagle] [Bear] [Lizard] [Rabbit] All weapons: [Owl] [Bear] [Owl] [Insect] [Hawk] [Owl] Infinite Ammo: [Salmon] [Elk] [Bull] [Snake] [Eagle] [Salmon] All Keys: [Lizard] [Dragonfly] [Bull] [Bear] [Wolf] [Eagle] Pen and Ink Mode: [Jaguar] [Horse] [Elk] [Fish] [Jaguar] [Hawk] View Credits: [Elk] [Elk] [Elk] [Elk] [Elk] [Elk] Headless Mode: [Lizard] [Elk] [Eagle] [Owl] [Salmon] [Horse] Big Head Mode: [Cougar] [Wolf] [Snake] [Rabbit] [Lizard] [Coyote] Big Hands and Feet: [Lizard] [Lizard] [Dragonfly] [Horse] [Lizard] [Coyote] Stick-Man Mode: [Horse] [Eagle] [Snake] [Cougar] [Insect] [Salmon] Tiny Mode: [Frog] [Frog] [Salmon] [Insect] [Wolf] [Cougar] Mannequin Mode: [Snake] [Bull] [Snake] [Frog] [Bear] [Elk] Gasping Mode: [Dragonfly] [Bull] [Rabbit] [Salmon] [Eagle] [Raven] Gouraud Shaded Graphics: [Lizard] [Salmon] [Insect] [Salmon] [Wolf] [Dragonfly] Menu Madness: [Rabbit] [Owl] [Horse] [Insect] [Bear] [Bear] Full Pause Screen: [Rabbit] [Owl] [Lizard] [Elk] [Salmon] [Rabbit] Warp Level 1: [Frog] [Elk] [Horse] [Dragonfly] [Wolf] [Rabbit] Warp Level 2: [Owl] [Owl] [Horse] [Elk] [Elk] [Elk] Warp Level 3: [Owl] [Rabbit] [Bear] [Insect] [Frog] [Cougar] Warp Level 4: [Bear] [Horse] [Raven] [Eagle] [Horse] [Coyote] Warp Level 5: [Bear] [Dragonfly] [Horse] [Bear] [Frog] [Elk]

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