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Super Smash Brothers

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

Super Link Combo
Change a players out fit
Donkey Kong's stage barrel tip
Ness's ultimate attack
Fun Vs. mode
Ness's PK Magnet tip
Defeat the master hand easily
Use your teammates life
Sound Menu
Hidden classic Mario stage
Play as Captain Falcon
Play as Purin
Play as Luigi
Play as Ness
999% of damage
Make Jigglypuff cry
Look like Clefairy
Item select
Throwing tip for Kirby
Hurt all opponents
PSI Thunder
Staying in the ring
Make Kirby do another character's taunt
Taunt with Luigi tip
Captain Falcon tip
Kill Jigglypuff easily
Pokeball tip
Get the crowd to cheer for your character
Change the credits
Bat tip
Battle ideas

Super Link Combo

Sent in by Code Hunter This is a huge combo that will do heavy damage to an opponent. 1. Knock opponent down with the boomerang. 2. Before he gets up, throw another past him. 3. Pull out a bomb. 4. Throw the bomb at him. The boomerang should come back and hit him again before the fifth step so he flies a little upward. 5. Use your throw, powerful attack forward, sword spin, or forward smash attack. This trick will do major damage and knock them flying. Click here

Change a players out fit

Sent in by Steve Cross To change a players out fit, press any of the C buttons! Mario Top C= red Right C= yellow Bottom C= brown Left C= blue Donkey Kong Top C= brown Right C= grayish Bottom C= red Left C= blue Link Top C= green Right C= red Bottom C= blue Left C= white Samus Top C= red Right C= pink Bottom C= dark red Left C= green Yoshi Top C= green Right C= red Bottom C= blue Left C= yellow Kirby Top C= pink Right C= yellow Bottom C= blue Left C= red Fox Top C= white Right C= red Bottom C= blue Left C= green Pikachu Top C= no hat Right C= red hat Bottom C= blue hat Left C= green hat Jigglypuff Top C= no bow Right C= red bow Bottom C= blue bow Left C= green bow Captain Falcon Top C= purple Right C= gray Bottom C= light purple Left C= pink Luigi Top C= green Right C= white Bottom C= blue Left C= pink Ness Top C= red Right C= yellow Bottom C= blue Left C= green

Donkey Kong's stage barrel tip

Sent in by Ness On Donkey Kong's stage, if you fall off and make it into the barrel, don't blast off right away. Wait until after it is finished twirling, then rocket back to freedom.

Ness's ultimate attack

Sent in by Ness Ness's ultimate attack: His PK Thunder. Sure, by its self it does only 6% damage, BUT, if it hits Ness and Ness hits his opponent, WHAMMIE! your opponent can kiss his keester good bye!

Fun Vs. mode

Sent in by Ness Fun Vs. mode: Turn the attack % to 50 and watch the sparks fly. I have maxed out at around 500% damage. Or, If you want a sudden death mode at 0%, switch the damage up to 200% and start throwing and hiding!

Ness's PK Magnet tip

Sent in by Ness Ness's PK Magnet is the best special move in the game. Get an opponent to snag a fire flower, let them approach you, then hit down and B and the same time and hold the B button. Wonder why the crowd is cheering? Scope out your damage meter.

Defeat the master hand easily

Sent in by Linkster If you want to defeat the master hand easily, just get under it and use you Up + A move. It does 8 points.


Sent in by Harish If you press L on the controller each character has there own little thing to do. Heres a list of them. DK - I think he's saying "What?" Link - A nice little pose. Samus Aran - Does a pose with his gun. Bravo! Yoshi - He's very excited. Kirby - He is saying "Hi!" Fox McCloud - Crosses his arms and says "HMPH!" Pikachu - Says Pika Pikaa!!!!! What else? Luigi - Scuffs his heels (like in Zelda 64 if you wait a while). Ness - Says "Ok!" and gives a bow. Thank you, Thank you. Captain Falcon - He says "Show me your moves!." Jigglypuff - He does nothing but if you what for a while he starts to roll back and forth on his feet.

Use your teammates life

Sent in by Harish When playing a team multiplayer match, if you are defeated, but your team mate still has 1 or more life in stock. You can use one of his life to get back in the action by pressing A + B + Z + Start.


Sent in by Harish After you get all 4 secret characters, (Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon and Purin) you can find Mew in your Pokeballs! It takes a little bit of time, but you'll see one. If you have the Secret Item Menu, set it to all Pokeballs and it will be easier, or go to training mode. Mew has no apparent effect on the battle.

Sound Menu

Sent in by Harish Beat Bonus Stages one and two with all 12 characters. You need to have unlocked the four secret characters first. Now go into the Data section for a Sound Menu.

Hidden classic Mario stage

Sent in by Harish
To access the hidden classic Mario stage (complete with POW signs, Piranha plants, warp tubes and elevator), beat the game's one-player mode with each character. At the end, the game will tell you that you can now access Classic Mushroom Kingdom in the versus mode.

Play as Captain Falcon

Sent in by Harish To play as Captain Falcon, simply beat the game as one of the regular characters. When Captain challenges you, defeat him and he will be a playable character.

Play as Purin

Sent in by Harish To play as Purin, play a game as Captain Falcon. After you beat the game Purin will challenge you. Defeat her and you will receive the second Hidden Character.

Play as Luigi

Sent in by Harish To play as Luigi, pass the Bonus Practice 1 for at least 8 main characters and Luigi will challenge you. Defeat him and he's yours.

Play as Ness

Sent in by Harish To play as Ness (from Mother 2, Earthbound), beat the game on Normal difficulty without continuing. This trick won't work if you change your number of lives. It has to be set to 3! After you have beaten the final boss, wait for the credits to finish rolling -- then fight Ness. Once you beat him, he will become available on the character selection screen.

999% of damage

Sent in by Code Hunter This code requires an item switch. Set it to shells. Next, pick a character (Fox is preferred) now go to Saffron City and wait for a red turtle shell. Go on top of the platform that the Pokemon come out of go as far as one item box and throw your turtle shell in the air and use your reflector (B + Up) and hold it. The turtle shell should break your reflector and hit you until you have 999% of damage. If this doesn't work keep trying (if not Fox just use your shield).

Make Jigglypuff cry

Sent in by Code Hunter When you hurt a Jigglypuff you'll notice that their eyes turn a different color. Pause it right when you hit one it starts to have tears in its eyes. When you shock one with a Pikachu and it turns black you can see a tear. It makes you feel sorry for a while!

Look like Clefairy

Sent in by Code Hunter First make sure you've unlocked Jigglypuff. Go to VS. and battle. Pick Kirby and Jigglypuff. Use Kirby's vacuum (B) to suck Jigglypuff up and press B to have its B power. Press Start to look at your character it looks similar to Clefairy, a Pokemon.

Item select

Sent in by Harish Play the versus mode 50 times to open this option. You will be able to select the number of times items appear and be able to select the items that appear.

Throwing tip for Kirby

Sent in by Code Hunter When playing as Kirby, when you throw someone off they usually come back, but they won't make it if you use this tip. When they're about to come up use Kirby's cutter (Up and B). If you it them when you are on your way down (and he is still over the edge) you will hit them and they will keep falling without control to the bottom of the level.

Hurt all opponents

Sent in by Code Hunter When you have either a poke ball, bumper or a bob-omb use this simple trick. Jump over your opponent and press down and A at the same time. Not only does the item activate but does a little more damage. Plus, when your opponents are in a group, you will hurt them all!

PSI Thunder

Sent in by Code Hunter Ness can cheat a little because when you fall of the edge you can float up and then use Up + B to do PSI Thunder. You will have to control your thunder to hit you from the bottom and you can fly back up.

Staying in the ring

Sent in by Code Hunter If you get thrown way out of the ring and always lose your lives this trick will help you get back on: Press the jump button (C-Up), and then press C-Up again when you reach the highest point in your jump. If you still need to go higher tap Up (on the joystick) + B and you will do an attack that makes your character travel even farther. Also you can use this trick to attack people that fly high!

Make Kirby do another character's taunt

Sent in by Harish With Kirby, after eating another character, you can press L and Kirby will do that character's taunt.

Taunt with Luigi tip

Sent in by Code Hunter
If you taunt with Luigi and you are near an opponent it will do 1 percent damage.

Captain Falcon tip

Sent in by Code Hunter Captain Falcon is fast but you can cut down his attacking level by constantly throwing him in the acid. If you keep on repeating this then he will eventually die.

Kill Jigglypuff easily

Sent in by Code Hunter To kill Jigglypuff easily, throw every thing you can at him so he can't put you asleep, and if he does sing use a distant move or drop kick him.

Pokeball tip

Sent in by Code Hunter If you want to do more damage with your pokeballs then once you get them, jump up into the air and throw the pokeball downwards onto an enemy. If you happen to get a goldeen then at least the pokeball hit your opponent and that did some damage.


Sent in by Code Hunter Smash-less - 5000; Do not use any smash attacks. (Quick tap of the Control Stick + A.) Fighter Stance - 100; Press L Button when opponent is defeated. Acid Clear - 1500; In Samus's stage, let the acid knock your opponent of the arena. Full Power - 9000; Have full power when opponent is knocked-off the arena. Cheap Shot - (-)99; Hit opponent while he's trying to get back in the arena, hit opponent when down, hit opponent hanging on the edge, ect. Very Hard Clear - 350,000; Beat the game on Very Hard Difficulty. Hard Clear - 280,000; Beat the game on Hard Difficulty. Normal Clear - 210,000; Beat the game on Normal Difficulty. Easy Clear - 140,000; Beat the game on Easy Difficulty. Very Easy Clear - 70,000; Beat the game on Very Easy Difficulty. Throw Down - 2000; Knock opponent of the arena by throwing him. Good Friend - 8000; In a stage in which you have an ally, keep him alive until the end of the battle. Perfect - 30,000; Hit all the targets or board all the platforms in a bonus stage. No Item - 1000; Do not use any items during battle. Arwing Clear - 4000; In Fox's stage, let an Arwing knock-off your opponent with its balusters. Pokemon Finish - 11,000; Let a Pokemon knock your opponent off the arena. Special Move - 5000; Knock opponent of the arena with a special move. (Up + B or Down + B) Tornado Clear - 3000; In Link's stage, let one of the tornadoes knock your opponent off the arena True Friend - 25,000; In the Mario Bros. stage, keep both your allies alive and knock-off both opponents yourself. Speed King - 40,000; Get Speedster awards for every stage. Speedster - 10,000; Knock-off opponent in under 30 seconds. DK Defender - 10,000; Keep both of your allies alive after knocking Giant DK off the arena. No Miss x # - 5000x#; Never missing with one attack. # is the number of attacks you do this with. Vegetarian - 9000; Using a Maxim Tomato with full health Star Finish - 10,000; You receive this when you finish a level while under the affects of a star


Sent in by Code Hunter Here is a combo that you can use against the final boss (the Master Hand) if you are playing as Kirby. First, avoid the hand's attacks until he does an attack that leaves him vulnerable (like the attack where he rockets into the background and comes down from the right). Then, jump over him and press A to do your spinning kick attack on him. You will get around 8 hits with this attack. As soon as you land, press up and A for a quick punch. Finally, finish the combo with a Final Cutter attack (up-B). If you do this right you will take off around 40-50% of his HP meter. This is good if you have Jigglypuff or Yoshi on your side in a team battle as well, since you need to stop your enemy's movement for this combo (and those two can help you do so).

Get the crowd to cheer for your character

Sent in by Code Hunter If you're hit percent is over 100, and start knocking people off without getting hit, you'll get the crowd to cheer for your character!

Change the credits

Sent in by Code Hunter During the credits, you can modify it in several ways, listed below. Control Stick - Change angle/move cross hairs Start - Toggle super speed A - Highlight the name under the crosshairs and tells you what they did B - Freeze credits, press another button to start them up again

Bat tip

Sent in by Code Hunter If you have a homerun bat, you can instantly knock off the enemy! Once you have the bat, tap forward and press A. If you're character blinks, you did it right. If you connect with this swing, the enemy will be blown away and instantly defeated!

Battle ideas

Sent in by Code Hunter These are some good battle ideas if you decide to have a Smash Brothers party. They are all matchups that are funny to watch (and play). Here are some scenarios to play: Mario Brothers vs. DK Teams: 3 vs. 1 (Turn off teams to get Wario costume, but don't attack teammates!) Characters: Mario, Luigi, Mario (with Wario costume) vs. Donkey Kong Level: Any (Classic Mushroom Kingdom or Congo Jungle preferred) Anything Else?: If you have item switch, set it up to only allow hammers in battle..... A Romantic Battle? Teams: 2 vs. 2 (Turn off teams so that you can change colors, but don't attack your teammate) Characters: Kirby and Jigglypuff vs. Yoshi (Blue) and Yoshi (Pink) Level: Any (works better if you have platforms out of the way for the girlfriends-Saffron or Mushroom Kingdom are good choices) Anything Else?: Leave Jigglypuff and the Pink Yoshi out of the battle area to cheer on their men, and use their taunts when their teammate is doing well (or reverse for a catfight....) Hey, Get Off My Ship!!! Teams: 2 vs. 1 Characters: Samus and Capt. Falcon vs. Fox McCloud Level: Sector Z Anything Else?: Turn on only Beam Sword for a classic space battle! Who is the Cutest??? Free-For-All (no teams) Characters: Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Yoshi, Ness (or Kirby if you don't have Ness yet) Level: Dream Land or Yoshi's Island Anything Else?: Not really, but if you can figure out anything that can make this funnier, try it out! Hey, You're Not a Pokemon..... Teams: 2 vs. 1 Characters: Yoshi vs. Pikachu and Jigglypuff Level: Saffron City Anything Else?: Turn on only Pokeballs! Not Gorons, but Close Enough..... Teams: 3 vs. 1 Characters: Three Donkey Kongs vs. Link Level: Hyrule Castle or Congo Bongo Jungle Anything Else?: No, but try to use Link's bombs as much as possible.... Party Crasher!!! Teams: 3 vs. 1 Characters: Three Pikachus (each with party hats) vs. DK or Link Level: Saffron City Anything Else?: Turn on only Pokeballs and baseball bats (the bats are the Pikachus' "presents") We're Gonna Settle This, Right Now.... Free-for-all (no teams, three players only) Characters: Mario, Wario (Mario w/costume), Luigi Level: Classic Mushroom Kingdom (Peach's Castle if no Mushroom Kingdom) Anything Else?: Turn on only Fire Flowers....


Sent in by Code Hunter Use the following moves when playing as the indicated character to knock and keep your opponent off the platforms. Mario and Luigi - Press B to throw a fireball when they try to come back. Ness - Press B for the PK Thunder if they come near your character in the air. Yoshi - If you are near the end of the platform, wait for your opponent to approach. Then, press B to turn them into an egg. If you are close enough to the edge, the egg will make them fall and they will not be able to get back up. Donkey Kong - After knocking an opponent off, press B to charge up the punch. Use the punch when they are close enough while in the air.
Kirby - Press Up + B near the edge when your opponent approaches.
Link - Press B to throw the boomerang after knocking them off the 
platform and they try to get close again. 

Fox - Press B to keep firing the blaster. 

Samus - Press B to charge up the gun, then shoot it when a knocked 
off opponent returns.

Pikachu - Jump and press B to shoot a little ball of electricity. If it 
hits a returning opponent, they will be paralyzed. 

Jigglypuff - Press B to use the lunging punch when a returning opponent 
is close enough.

Captain Falcon - Press B to use the Falcon Punch when your opponent 
tries to return.

Sent in by Pokemon Master

Here's all of the special moves.

Donkey Kong

Air Moves

Helicopter Spin: A
Double fist: Forward, A
Air Wave: Up, A
Heel Kick: Down, A
Super Heel Kick: Down, Down, A
Airplane Kick: Back, A
Air Windup: B, B
Air Tornado Kong: Up, B
Ground Moves
Smash Bash: A, A
Forward, A
Hook Punch: Forward, A
Earthquake Clap: Up, A
Big Wave: Up, A
Breakdance kick: Down, A
Ankle Slap: Down, A
Banana Kick: Dash, A
Windup Punch: B, B
Super Windup Punch: B (charge for 5 seconds), B
Quick Evade: B, right
Coconut shaker: Down, B
Tornado Kong: Up, B
A Monkey Thang toss: Right Button, Any button
Homerun toss: Right Button, Back

Fox McCloud

Air Moves

Karate Fox: A
Air Twirl: Forward, A
Rising Kick: Up, A
Helicopter: Down, A
Double Back: Back, A
Directional Flame Launch: Up, B, Any direction 

Ground Moves

Left to right: A, A
Chun-Li Assault: A, A, A (rapidly)
Double Twirl: Forward + A
Straight Kick: Forward, A
Slide: Dash, A
Flip Kick: Up + A
Overhead Kick: Up, A
Double Splits: Down + A
Tail Sweep: Down, A
Pink Laser: B
Force Field: Down + B (can be used as short range blast)
Flame Launch: Up + B
Throw: Right button, any button
Roll Throw: Right button + Back


Air Moves

Flat toe: A
Side Twirl: Forward + A
Spinner: Up, A
Twirly Whirly: Down, A
Stretch Kick: Back, A

Ground Moves

Punchy Wunchy: A, A
Unlimited Punch: A, A, A (rapidly)
Lunge Kick: Forward + A
Spin Kick: Forward, A
Slide: Dash + A
Overshoulder kick: Up, A
Ground Heli: Down + A
Toe Poke: Down, A
Suck & Release: B, A
Suck & Absorb: B, down or A
Block: Down + B
Rising Energy slash: Up + B
Pile Driver: Right Button + any button


Air Moves

Heel Kick: A
Spinning Slice: Forward, A
Uppercut Jab: Up + A
Falling uppercut jab: Up, A
Death Stab: Down, A
Your Mamma (huh?): Back, A
Rising Fire Spin: Up + B

Ground Moves

Slice and Dice: A, A, A
Unlimited Swipes: A, A, A, A (rapidly)
Super Overhead chop: Forward + A
Overhead chop: Forward, A
Lunging Jab: Dash + A
Sword Juggle: Up + A
Underhand chop: Up, A
Fury Swipe: Down + A
Ankle Swipe: Down, A
Boomerang: B
Boomerang Chuck: Forward + B
Fire Spin: Up + B
Bombs: Down, B
Hook & Knee: Right Button, any button
Hook & Kick: Right Button, back
Fake Slash: Left Button


Air Attacks

Heel Kick: A
Spin Kick: Forward + A
Flip Kick: Up + A
Low Spin Kick: Down + A
Hind Kick: Back, A
Mini Coin Punch: Up + B

Ground Attacks

Mario 64 Combo: A, A, A
Power Punch: Forward + A
Slide Kick: Dash + A
Round House: Forward, A
Head Butt: Up + A
Uppercut: Up, A
Power Sweep: Down + A
Sweep: Down, A
Fireball: B
Coin Uppercut: Up + B
Tornado Punch: Down + B
Toss: Right Button + Any Button
Spinning Toss: Right Button, Back


Air Attacks

Pokekick: A
Spark Twirl: Forward, A
Tail Around: Up, A
Downward spark twirl: Down, A
Yellow Foot: Back, A

Ground Attacks

Headbutt: A
Upchuck spark: Forward + A
Hind Kick: Forward, A
Awkward Lunge: Dash + A
Tail Spin: Up + A
Tail Swipe: Up, A
Power Sweep: Down + A
Sweep: Down, A
Electric Spit: B
Electric Blast: Down + B
Teleport: Up + B
Flip Toss: Right Button + Any Button
Shock Toss: Right Button + Back

Samus Aran

Air Attacks

Overhead Kick: A
Air Flame: Forward + A
Twist Kick: Up, A
Rising Barrel: Down, A
Power Kick: Back, A
Mini Tuck + Kill: Up + B

Ground Attacks

Energy Ball: B, B, or A
Metal Punches: A, A
Barrel Smash: Forward + A
Roundhouse Kick: Forward, A
Shoulder: Dash + A
Flame On: Up + A
Heel Pound: Up, A
Lightning Sweep: Down + A
Sweep: Down, A
Mega Energy Ball: B (charge for 6 seconds), B
Fake Energy Ball: B, Back
Tuck and Kill: Up + B
Bombs: Down + B
Grapple and Toss: Right Button + Any Button
Grapple and No Look: Right Button + Back 


Air Attacks

Headbuttsault: Forward, A
Up and Over: Up, A
Million Billion Kicks: Down, A
Swoosh: Back, A
Accurate Green Crush: Down + B

Ground Attacks

Toe to Toe: A, A
Headbutt: Forward + A
Da Boot: Forward, A
Raptor Charge: Dash + A
Whoa! Butt: Up + A
Underheadbutt: Up, A
Vicinity Sweep: Down + A
Sweep: Down, A
Tongue Action: B
Egg Sacrifice: Up + B
Green Crush: Down + B
Saliva Toss: Right Button + Any Button
Saliva Heave: Right Button + Back

Captain Falcon

Air Attacks

Heel: A
Double Kicks: Forward, A
Flip Kick: Up, A
Heel Slam: Down, A
Backhand: Back, A
Diagonal Falcon Kick: D + B

Ground Attacks

Racing Fists: A, A, A
Bucket O' Punches: A, A, A, A (rapidly)
Flame Kick: Forward + A
Kick: Forward, A
Cold Shoulder: Dash + A
Elbow Spin: Up + A
Overhead Kick: Up, A
Power Sweep: Down + A
Toe Tap: Down, A
Falcon Punch: B or Forward + B
Flip Grab: Up + B
Falcon Kick: Down + B
Face Slam: Right Button + Any Button
Grab and Kick: Right Button + Back


Ground Moves (no air moves)

Afraid Yet Brave: Dash + A
Low G Fireball: B

Purin (Jigglypuff)

Air Attacks

Flat Foot: A
Two foot kick: Forward, A
Slow Slap: Up, A
Cute Twirl thing: Down, A
Spin Kick: Back, A

Ground Attacks

Slap, Slap: A, A
Body Lunge: Forward + A
Kick: Forward, A
Rambutt: Dash + A
Face Lunge: Up + A
Back Kick: Up, A
Blowing Steam: Down + A
Ducking Kick: Down, A
Boom Punch: B
Sleep: Down + B
Sing: Up + B
Toss: Right Button: Any Button
Reverse Slam: Right Button, Back


Air Attacks

Two Legged: A
Flying Uppercut: Forward, A
Airborne Headbutt: Up, A
Vertical Toe: Down, A
Reverse kick: Back, A
Angle PK Fire: B
Ground Attacks
Triple Combo: A, A, A
Bat Attack: Forward + A
Das Hand: Dash + A
Yo-Yo Fling: Up + A
Jubilation Jump: Up, A
Around the World: Down + A
Toe Kick: Down, A
PK Fire: B
Shield: Down + B
PK Thunder: Up + B
Spin Throw: Right Button + Any Button

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