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Quake 2

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Sent in by Code Hunter 6JBN SHFB 07BR X3J1 Level 2 1KLG VL2H LNBF F4LQ Level 3 2KQD 2MSD Z9VM 4XYL Level 4 VK7N Z?LY ?4V5 LJ4W Level 5 VK3J HSW5 9GZN LQW9 Level 6 RN5N Q06W JV05 Level 7 S?WM H1G9 B46C WBOD Level 8 R8WB 8X7J VGQ0 SJWR Level 9 Q?WB BLW8 RP6Y XLSN Level 10 P6P5 KYWX HB8R DJZH Level 11 N520 KJFW Y681 VLMD Level 12 M525 TZ35 HXW0 BXZ8 Level 13 L56X 41DX ZKR8 VJV8 Level 14 K58V 01HJ V5K9 C3VK Level 15 J584 W6NR D05B VDQ? Level 16 H522 98MJ SM1C B82C Level 17 G52W 300Z 561C W4HK Level 18 F569 G2D6 HT6X SG5Y Level 19 Click here
Sent in by Normal PGBG VF6B M0BH X3CF Level 2 1KLS DN5H 7NBF DWRQ Level 3 2KLR SDRY ?VV4 YQ8X Level 4 VK3T 7LFC 94B7 D3R3 Level 5 WK3H QNBW NLV5 XGL3 Level 6 TK7P 6LLP KWGY XD4V Level 7 ST0N QPX4 2WGY JXTS Level 8 R??P 7NY4 2WGX 99TX Level 9 Q??K BBBV NBQ1 7GCV Level 10 P64? ZM5B ?BM0 5YH6 Level 11 N664 SQ63 XB?K B7LF Level 12 M682 M7QT 1215 8098 Level 13 L669 H8MD G8XB JNYV Level 14 K681 X8CL H01K 1PF5 Level 15 J6?0 BT5M NRZ2 QXLL Level 16 H6?0 XXFW PHV1 77P4 Level 17 G6?9 GYMK RWNK SMSL Level 18 F6Y3 WXQK CHD0 8K4D Level 19 F60? VQCH ?BHF DQQL Last Level S3T1 NF1N 1T3S HOTS Infinite Ammunition S3TL OWGR VITY ???? Low Gravity (multiplayer) S3TC OOLC OLOR S??? Background colors (multiplayer) FBBC VBBB FBBC VBF7 Twists Level (Easy) * FLBC ZBBB FLBC ZBB9 Twists Level (Medium) * FVBS LBBB 7VBC 3BB5 Twists Level (Hard) * *= The last two digits are adjustable. The second-to-last digit to changes health. (B= 2, C= 34, D= 66, E= not used, F= 99, G= 3, H= 37, I= not used, J= 68, and K=100 health points) The last digit adjusts time. (3= 1:42, 4=1:43, 5= 1:14, 6= 1:43, 7= 1:46, 8= not used, 9=1:42.)

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