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NFL Blitz 2001

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Sent in by Code Hunter The following codes should be entered at the versus screen. The three numbers represent the Turbo, Jump, and Pass buttons on the controller. The direction after these numbers represents the direction which you press the D-Pad after you have entered the correct buttons. So, for example, the code 3-1-2 Up means that you press the Turbo button three times, then the Jump button one time, then the Pass button two times, and then press UP on the D-Pad. You should hear a sound and should observe the name of the code at the bottom of the screen if you entered it correctly. You can activate more than one code in a game. Infinite Turbo 5-1-4 Up Fast Turbo Running 0-3-2 Left Power-up Offense 3-1-2 Up Power-up Defense 4-2-1 Up Power-up Teammates 2-3-3 Up Power-up Blockers 3-1-2 Left Super Blitzing 0-4-5 Up Super Field Goals 1-2-3 Left No Interceptions 3-4-4 Up No Random Fumbles 4-2-3 Down No First Downs 2-1-0 Up No Punting 1-5-1 Up Allow Stepping out of Bounds 2-1-1 Left Fast Passes 2-5-0 Left Turn Off Stadium 5-0-0 Left Lights Out 5-3-4 Down Late Hits 0-1-0 Up Show Field Goal % 0-0-1 Down Show Punt Hangtime Meter 0-0-1 Right Use Team Plays 1-0-0 Up Hide Receiver Name 1-0-2 Right Invisible Receiver Highlight 3-3-3 Left Invisible 4-3-3 Up Big Football 0-5-0 Right Big Head 2-0-0 Right Huge Head 0-4-0 Up No Head 3-2-1 Left Headless Team 1-2-3 Right Team Tiny Players 3-1-0 Right Team Big Heads 2-0-3 Right No Play Selection 1-1-5 Left (First and Second Player must enter same code) Show More Field 0-2-1 Right (First and Second Player must enter same code) No CPU Assistance 0-1-2 Down (First and Second Player must enter same code) Power-up Speed 4-0-4 Left (First and Second Player must enter same code) Hyper Blitz 5-5-5 Up (First and Second Player must enter same code) Smart CPU Opponent 3-1-4 Down (Single player mode only) Tournament Mode 1-1-1 Down (Two player mode only) Always Quarterback 2-2-2 Left (Two non-computer teammates required) Always Receiver 2-2-2 Right (Two non-computer teammates required) Old Day Stadium 5-0-1 Up Day Stadium 5-0-1 Down City Stadium 5-0-1 Left Old Night Stadium 5-0-2 Up Night Stadium 5-0-2 Down Future Stadium 5-0-2 Left Old Snow Stadium 5-0-3 Up Snow Stadium 5-0-3 Down Roman Stadium 5-0-3 Left Grass Field 3-0-0 Up Asphalt Field 3-0-1 Up Dirt Field 3-0-2 Up Astroturf Field 3-0-3 Up Snow Field 3-0-4 Up Fog On 0-3-0 Down Thick Fog On 0-4-1 Down Weather: clear 2-1-2 Left Weather: Snow 5-2-5 Down Weather: Rain 5-5-5 Right Night Game 0-2-2 Right

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