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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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Beat the first Dark Matter
Break the Blocks
Unlock Higher Mini-Game Difficulties
View all Cinema Scenes
Different Information Bar Styles
Shards for Stage 1 of the last level
Movie viewer mode
Power abilities
Boss information
Ability Combinations
Use the enemies that do not have powers
Obtain boss battles in the option menu
Sound settings

Beat the first Dark Matter

Sent in by Code Hunter Here is help on beating Dark Matter. Stay in the corner and follow these simple steps: Fire: When he creates the fire blobs suck them in and shoot them at him. Rock: Quickly run across the screen to the other corner. When the rocks turn...well...suckable, suck them in. He will then roll around. When he is closer to you, shoot him. Spark: Jump around dodging the lasers until they become small sparks. Suck in the sparks and shoot him with it. Needle: This one is pretty obvious. Bomb: Dodge the balls. When they split into 2 parts you will have to do more work dodging. When they stop moving suck them in and shoot him. Ice: Save this for last. Suck in the thing revolving him and take the ice power. Use that to defeat him.

Break the Blocks

Sent in by Code Hunter Sometimes you see a block that looks weird but you don't know how to get by it to get the hidden crystal. First look at the color of the block... if there's two colors you have to use a power combo. If there's one color just use a regular special attack. Here's a list of the special attack and their color. Burn = Red Stone = Brown Ice = Blue Needle = Orange Bomb = Black Spark = yellow Cutter = Green Click here

Unlock Higher Mini-Game Difficulties

Sent in by Code Hunter To access the higher difficulty settings for the mini-games, you must beat the difficulty setting before it. In the beginning, beat the Easy setting to unlock the Normal level. Beat the Normal level to open the Hard level. Then, beat the Hard level to access the Intense difficulty level.

View all Cinema Scenes

Sent in by Code Hunter To be able to view all the cinema scenes in the game in order, beat the game with a 100% rank and a new selection will appear in the Movies menu that will allow you watch all the movies, one after another.

Different Information Bar Styles

Sent in by Code Hunter To change the style of the Information Bar, simply at the start of the game, click Options and then go down to Settings. Click on settings and go down to display. Next to display the numbers 1-5 appear. Use the D-Pad to move left or right and A to choose a number. Then the next time you play Kirby, the info bar will have changed its style.

Shards for Stage 1 of the last level

Sent in by Micheal Stage 1 1st Shard-While you are walking down a path there is a shard in between two guards. 2nd Shard-when you go in the first house you will fight an easy boss. If you beat him you will get a shard. 3rd Shard-Once you have the spike bomb combo you will use it on a stump sticking out of the lake.

Movie viewer mode

Sent in by Andrew Complete the game after collecting every crystal to receive 100%, and you will unlock the movie viewer mode.

Power abilities

Sent in by Tails
There are eight different types of enemies in Kirby 64, which are Burn, Stone, Ice, Needle, Bomb, Spark, Cutter, and Neutral. When you swallow any enemy except Neutral, you'll gain that power, and only to this game, he can combine abilities! If you're confused of what happens or if it's worth it, just take a look at the addition lesson below.
Uncombined abilities:

There are 7 different types, so there are seven different single abilities. 

Burn=Fireball: Press the B button to get Kirby a short invincible surge 
ahead. You'll find this the best of the single abilities early in the game; 
however, you'll run into problems on rugged floors you may end up landing in. 

Stone=Little Rock: When you press B, Kirby turns rock solid, quite 
literally, crushing any typical enemy in its path. However, since it 
can't jump and is simply too slow, I would recommend combining it with 
something else unless you really need this right now. 

Ice=Blizzard: Press the B button and Kirby will whirl and make a wide 
flurry, freezing any enemy nearly into a solid block of ice. If you're in a 
stage where lots of enemies are abound, you should definitely have the 
Blizzard ready, since if you slide the ice across the stage, you can kill 
any other enemy it runs over. 

Needle=Spikes: Kirby will grow spikes for a short time, stopping enemies 
around out cold. It's not as widespread as the Ice maneuver, but at least 
it's in all directions. 

Bomb=Bomb Thrower: Press the B button to throw the bomb. The 
longer you hold the B button, the farther Kirby will throw. Since Kirby 
is vulnerable to attack when he's getting ready to throw, you might also 
want to try combining it for some really cool attacks. 
Spark=Shock: Hold down the B button to surround Kirby in an invincible magnetic field for a few seconds. Keep in mind that it's only temporary, though it is a pretty good attack.
Cutter=Boomerang: Press the B button and Kirby will launch a huge 
boomerang, blowing up anyone in its path. However, Kirby will not be able 
to do anything but walk and jump when the boomerang is out there, 
though. It's best when there is a lot of enemies in front of you that 
can't attack you from your distance. 

Combination Attacks

Sent in by Tails There are 28 cool attacks Kirby can use once he gains two powers. It can be either the same, or it can be completely different, and order doesn't matter either. There are four ways to gain two powers. You can suck in two enemies with powers at once, throw one enemy at another, spit one at another, or, if you already have the power. press L, R, or any C-button to hold up your power. Throw it at another enemy and inhale the product to gain both powers! Burn+Burn=Phoenix: This is just like the fireball, except it goes a lot farther. You'll love to use this in the same cases as the fireball. Burn+Stone=Volcano: Hold down the B button and press either left or right. Kirby will start shooting fiery rocks out of his head, starting from upwards to the position you are pressing. To me, the rocks go too slowly for comfort. Most good attacks are fast ones. Burn+Ice=Ice Cube: I don't know why they programmed this in. this is by far the worst attack in the game. Press the B button to turn Kirby into an immobile but invincible ice cube. After a second, the ice cube will fully melt and turn you back into the vulnerable cream puff. Since you can't really get this combination until you get pretty far into the game, or save up for several stages, it'll get pretty useless. Actually, being next to an enemy to start attacking is bad everywhere. Burn+Needle=Arrows: This is similar to the Bomb Thrower, except for the fact that these burning arrows keep the ground lit for a few seconds afterward, causing anyone in its path except Kirby to get burnt up. Handy, but only if you're a good timer. Just not as good as the Bomb Thrower. Burn+Bomb=Fireworks: Press the B button to do a Spikes-like attack. Press B just as Kirby finishes to do a more powerful attack. Press it again to explode Kirby in a screenful of pyrotechnics. This is a pretty fast attack, and you can do it from a distance. Definitely worth collecting. Burn+Spark=Static Plate: If there are no enemies nearby, hold the B button to rub a glass sheet against Kirby. Once he's done, he'll burst into flames harmless to you but very bad for your opponents. It's like a really fast version of the rock, and you can jump, but it's only temporary and you can't stop moving. Pretty good but there are much better ones. Burn+Cutter=Sword: Press the B button to get out Kirby's flaming sword. Press it again to swing it like a baseball bat. Press up, then B for him to throw it straight forward in a blaze. You got to learn the ropes of how this works then you'll get to like it. Stone+Stone=Big Rock: Transform Kirby into a giant walking boulder. His blast radius is the same proportionally to the Little Rock when you press B again, but is still very slow and can't jump. Stone+Ice=Puck: The curling puck will freeze anyone in its path. It starts out pretty fast, but decelerates quickly. there are much better things out there than the Puck. Skip it. Stone+Needle=Spear: This is a projectile attack that goes in a straight horizontal line across the screen, going through anything. It's really good, though it may get difficult to find if you don't know how. Stone+Bomb=TNT: The dynamite's power is unmatched. Press the B button to throw it, then press down to put your hard hat on to protect yourself from the nuke, which takes up more than the entire screen! Definitely very good, but don't use it if you're right next to an enemy. Also, don't use it in places where there are lots of indestructible enemies, or in a current or conveyor belt. Stone+Spark=Yo-yo: You're controlling a boulder for a yo-yo with an electric current for a string. Anything the boulder or the current touches will be destroyed, except for Kirby. To get rid of it and start moving again, bring the boulder back to Kirby. It's an incredibly cheap and fast attack, despite Kirby doesn't move. Handy in bosses, where you can attack from long distances. Stone+Cutter=Statue: turn Kirby randomly into a statue of a rat, an owl, a fish, a flower-thingy, or a bluebird. Each of them can move in land, sea, or air. Experiment. The bluebird travels faster than Kirby's dash when flying. Everything else isn't worth it. Ice+Ice=Snowball: Move across the screen to trap anything you come upon. Press the B button again or run into a wall to get rid of it and any enemy you touched. It's useless against flying enemies, however. Ice+Needle=Snowflake: Hold down the B button to turn Kirby into a growing snowflake crystal and freeze what you touch. This is definitely NOT long-range, so don't use it.
Ice+Bomb=Snowman: Kirby will walk slowly s a sizzling snowman. Once you touch an enemy, you'll explode and take out the enemy, as well as freeze them in the blast radius. Kirby will be immobile for a second afterward to recover from the heat. After 5 seconds, he blows up by himself. This is good if enemies aren't your main problem, but it's still a bad attack.
Ice+Spark=Refrigerator: Turn Kirby into a fridge full of weapons, 
none other than hot dogs, cheese, steak, and various leftovers. If 
you're near an enemy, use this to your advantage. You're also 
invincible until you press the B button to bring back Kirby's feet. 
Also, you can eat the scraps of food you threw as the fridge to 
recover your health! you'll last for quite a while with this. 

Ice+Cutter=Ice Skates: If you like to go fast, this is for you! Press B 
to stop the ice skates r press A to twirl invincibly. However, you can't 
stop with the ice skates, and it'll wear off once you hit a wall. A great 
weapon to use, but only if you time it right. 

Needle+Needle=Swiss Army Knife: You'll find this similar to the Spikes 
attack, but its radius is twice as large. If you keep doing this as you 
walk, you're sure to get much of the Dark Matter's army down. 

Needle+Bomb=Gorda: Here's your chance to become one of those 
annoying spike balls with eyes! Press the B button to launch your 
spikes in 8 directions as projectiles! If you have good aim, the it's 
good. If not, avoid it. Oh, and you can also move Kirby around when 
he's the mine too. 

Needle+Spark=Spitfire: Press b to turn Kirby into a raindrop shape 
and release ignitions from the tip! similar to Spikes, as with many 
other attacks, but this one is extremely fast. good to use, but short-ranged. 

Needle+Cutter=Bear Trap: Use this to get rid of anything unpleasant 
to Kirby in a very large semicircle, with Kirby in the middle! He grows 
long arms with spikes on top, then snaps them shut when you let go 
of the button! A fast and powerful attack. You'll find this situation a 
lot, for when there are Needle enemies, there's usually Cutters too. 

Bomb+Bomb=Missile: Release up to three homing missile by how long 
you hold the B button down. Let it go and it'll seek out nearby enemies 
for a second or two. However, they don't always go your way. 

Bomb+Spark=Light Bulb: For a period longer than the Shock, you'll 
turn into a smaller version, the Light Bulb. Oh, and don't forget that 
the light bulb will explode after a few seconds, so it's Shock and 
Spikes rolled into one package! 

Bomb+Cutter=Ninja Star: throw this at an enemy and it'll be destroyed 
in a second. It'll also be immobile at the time. It's fun to use, but hard. 
Practice, and you'll be good at this. 

Spark+Spark=Atom: This is just like the Shock attack, except a 
LOT bigger, and it grows as you use it. Enough said. 
Spark+Cutter=Light Saber: Kirby will own a yellow version of Darth Maul's very chief weapon. Press the B button to swing it around in his fashion. This is basically a double-sided Sword. Very cool to use, powerful, and Kirby will look cool with it too.
Cutter+Cutter=Rebound: This is a super-large version of the 
Boomerang. It's so large, it can destroy enemies slightly underneath 
you, as well as slightly overhead as well.

Boss information

Sent in by Skainter! Level 1 - Popstar Boss - Whispy Woods This shouldn't be considered as a boss, because it's so easy to beat! There are two ways of defeating him - you can beat him with no powers, or you can beat him with your own powers. As the fight begins, you'll notice three seedlings walking and jumping around. Each seedling takes only two hits to be defeated. After a while, Whispy will get mad and start to shoot his roots at you. Just eat the apples he throws down and blast them at his roots. Defeat him and you've beat the first level of the game! Level 2 - Rock Star Boss - Pix This boss has two parts. The first phase is very simple. Jump over the Pixes' swords as they pass by until you reach the top. Now comes the second phase. In this phase, they will try to dice you with their swords, as well as drop rays on you and try to roll into you. There are two ways of defeating this boss now. You can beat the boss with powers or no powers, but there is a extremely simple way to beat him. Before starting this boss level, get a combination of both fire powers. Fireball your way into a Pix to cause damage to it. Beat all three Pixes and they'll crash into each other, making a nice fireworks display. Then you're free to go to the next world! Level 3 - Aqua Star Boss - Acro This is just like fighting him in Kirby's Dreamland 3. First he'll vomit up and down spitting out tail fishes and Gordos at you. Don't worry about the Gordos. Just blast the tail fishes back at him. When the screen starts to move upward, use the rocks he kicks up as weapons and shoot them back at him. Defeat him and you're done here! Level 4 - Neo Star Boss - Magman This boss is so easy you'll laugh at him. In the first phase, eat the rays that fall down and spit them back at his firey hills. In the second phase, there are two ways of beating him. You can defeat him with no powers, or you can defeat him with your own special power. When he tries to charge into you, inhale the star he knocks out of the wall. Spit it back at him. When he puffs up and gets ready to shoot fire at you, run close enough to him and duck! Defeat him to advance! Level 5 - Shiver Star Boss - HR-H This moderately average boss presents a challenge waiting for you in this boss level. In the first phase, eat the rocks and spit them out at his arms, or slap a stone/spark combo at them when he tries to slam you with them. After a while he will morph into a flying ship and try to hit you with his arms. Eat the rocks that fall and blast the hull with them. Defeat him and you're ready for the final level in the game! Level 6 - Ripple Star Boss - Miracle Matter Miracle Matter copies the same abilities as you when you eat an enemy with a special power. When fighting all 7 forms of him, the rule is simple - eat the projectiles that he produces and shoot them back at him! The first form looks like a shiny white bomb with a red eye. The second form is a flying green spiked cutterang. The third form is an orange spiked ball with a white eye. The fourth form looks like a brown rock with smaller rocks surrounding it. The fith form is a sparkling ball that surrounds itself with a frizzled spark. The sixth form looks like a firey pillar. The seventh and final form looks like a one-eyed white sphere trapped inside a huge block of ice. Defeat him and you've beat the game! Well, if you found all the crystal shards, you should be able to open up the secret level, Level 7! Level 7 Boss - Dark Matter This is a pretty easy boss to beat. Just dodge him when he flies back and forth and use the crystals from the Crystal Rod to hit him. Every time you hit him, he will get smaller and smaller. Six or seven hits with the Crystal Rod should do him in.

Ability Combinations

Sent in by Code Hunter Fire + Rock: Rock shooter Fire + Ice: Ice and fire blower Fire + Needle: Bow and arrow with fire arrow Fire + Bomb: Fireworks Fire + Electric: Solar powered fire Fire + Cutter: Fire sword Fire + Fire: Fire bird Ice + Needle: Snow flake Ice + Bomb: Snowman bomb Ice + Electric: Refrigerator (+health) Ice + Cutter: Skate Ice + Ice: Snowball Rock + Ice: Skating soap Rock + Needle: Drill Rock + Bomb: Dynamite Rock + Electric: Electric rope tied to Rock Rock + Cutter: Rock cutter Rock + Rock: Big rock Needle + Bomb: Spikey bomb Needle + Electric: Thunderbolt Needle + Cutter: Bite Needle + Needle: Spikey gadgets Bomb + Electric: Light bulb Bomb + Cutter: Bomb that hooks onto opponent Bomb + Bomb: Missile launcher Electric + Cutter: Electrical double bladed sword Electric + Electric: Electric ball Cutter + Cutter: Boomerang with blades

Use the enemies that do not have powers

Sent in by Code Hunter When you see an enemy that does not have a power, but is doing something (like flying or shooting) inhale it and press R or one of the C buttons. Here are a couple examples. Pteran - If you jump with him over your head you will start flying really fast in the direction you are facing. Bronto Burt - Makes you fly up for a while, and then slowly back down. Bumber - Jump into the air with him over your head and you will slowly float to the ground. Also some of the enemies with powers can help you if you hold them above your head. For example, if you pick up the dinosaur guy that spits fire, it will do the same above your head with less time between fire (when you are not holding it it falls asleep for a while, when you are holding it it only catches it's breath.

Obtain boss battles in the option menu

Sent in by Code Hunter To obtain boss battles in the option menu, you must complete all 6 levels and collect all of the crystal shards. Return to the ripple star and defeat the final boss again, you should then be viewing the ending sequence, it will be different this time because you will go into space. When the sequence is done you will be in a new level called the dark star, defeat the boss and you will have boss battles in the option menu.

Sound settings

Sent in by Code Hunter To obtain sound settings in the option menu, you must complete all 6 levels and bosses.

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