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Get more money
Mutant Host
Questions and Answers

Get more money

Sent in by Chris Chan After a correct answer push L, R, L, L, L, R, R, C-Down, C-Up and you will get more money.

Mutant Host

Sent in by Code Hunter At the options screen press R, R, L, R. You should hear a buzzing sound. Go to the main menu and start the game for a Mutant Host. Click here

Questions and Answers

Sent in by Steve The star of Sister Act is what actor/actress? Lewis Thomas
Sent in by Lewis Thomas A custard pie often made with cheese and bacon. What is a quice?
Sent in by Robert 4 equal sided figure Square
Sent in by Nick Christopher Columbus Who discovered North America?
Sent in by Michael Mann What is the main character's name on Mission: Impossible? Ethan. What is the 1997-1998 racing game of the year? Diddy Kong Racing.
Sent in by Mike Bligh The native Americas put this over there seeds to fertilize them? What is a fish
Sent in by So Cool What is the first game that made the Mario brothers famous? Super Mario Brothers Brother to Luigi and one of the most famous Nintendo characters of all time. Who is Mario?
Sent in by Eric Kang Originally in the center of the west wing. the office of the president is now in a corner. What is the Oval Office?
Sent in by Josha What year did Jonh Elway start playing for the NFL? What is 1981
Sent in by Adam Beaton What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? Where is my tractor?
Sent in by Ryan Kingma This man played a large role in this movie as a fat professor. Who is Eddie Murphy in the nutty professor?
Sent in by Anthony Apollo What does "E=Mc squared" mean? Energy times the speed of light squared.
Sent in by John Neuman This is the trophy of the NHL. What is the Stanley Cup?
Sent in by I am a raider of an ancient thing Tomb raider
Sent in by Mitchell Carlson In the game Banjo Kazooie, what item do you give the monkey to get a puzzle piece and the stump to raise? What is an orange?
Sent in by Dave What U.S. President was assassined while in a theater? Abraham Lincoln
Sent in by Josh Cassidy He holds the major league record for consecutive games with a hit. Who is Joe DiMaggio
Sent in by Chris Day Meat between two slices of bread is called this. Sandwich
Sent in by Bob Nurble This movie Will Smith got to fly a spaceship as he plants a virus in the mother ship to shut down the force field. Men In Black
Sent in by John It out sold every Playstation game during the holiday season. What is Pokemon?
Sent in by Josh Simmons Sean Puffy Combs is the top producer for which record company? Badboy
Sent in by Brent Dirks Different types of this in the supermarkets are labeled "all purpose" and "self rising" What is flour?
Sent in by Ben Cohen When he won in 1792, Mike Royko was at this Illinois city's daily news. What is Chicago? This campus has the John Foster Dulles library located in it. What is Princeton? His columns were collected as "Poor Russel's Almanac". Who was Russel Baker? This Washington-based political humorist won in 1782. Who was Art Buchwald? In 1711 Philip V founded this country's public library. What is Spain? The acorns of this British tree grow on long stalks. What is the Oak? The conservative New York Times columnist that won in 1785. Who was William Safire? Common "canine name" for the tree of the species Corneus. What is the Dogwood? Leaves of the True Laurel used in cooking are called this. What are bay leaves? This oil-producing tree was introduced to California by the Spaniards. What is the olive? This malaria-fighting substance is extracted from bark of the Chichoa tree. What is quinine? In 1984 Hallmark bought Binney and Smith, makers of this crayon. What is Crayola? Medical studies show that this deli standard could help cure a cold, mom knew it all the time. What is chicken soup? The longest-reining queen in the world. Who is Elizabeth II? Jumbuck is an Australian term for this wooly mammal. What is the sheep? A cold-smoked type of this fish is called Nova, it originated in Nova Scotia. What is salmon? A location in space or coordinate system, one of these has no dimensions. What is a point? Coffee is often the liquid used to make the red-eye type of this. What is gravy? One of these lasts about six seconds, ho-hum. What is a yawn? For Americans in 1992, it rose to a record 75.2 years. What is the life expectancy? There are only two species of this wild mammal, Canis Lupust and Canis Rufus. What is the wolf? Fallow, marsh and white-tailed are species of this mammal. What is the deer? China has the largest army, while this country has the largest navy. What is the United States? Lofino Tamogo painted for the 1967 expo in this city. What is Montreal? His last work was a huge red and black mobile, now hanging in the east wing of the National Museum of Art. Who was Alexander Calder? Of 35, 250, or 3500, the number of surviving canvases by Jan Vemeer. What is 35?
Sent in by Nothing. It makes a weird sound. What is Pikachu say in the video game Pokemon? Electric Mouse What is Pikachu's name in English?
Sent in by Jeff Boyer This is the hit new cartoon show starring 150 pocket sized monsters. What is Pokemon(pocket monster).
Sent in by Darryl Minguito This catch and battle game for Game Boy was popular last year and very popular this year. It has published more than 10 games including Game Boy Games, Nintendo 64 games and a virtual pet. One of the characters are popular for their Thunder powers. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Pinball/Snap/Stadium1/Stadium2/ Stadium3/Genki Duchi.

Sent in by Jon Mill Who is the oldest double "O" agent? James Bond
Sent in by Biff Berry SPORTS Q: The only man to pitch hit for Ted Williamm? A: Who is Carroll Harty
Sent in by Marc Q: Mark Miguire A: Who has the record for most homeruns? Q: Nicknamed the "Rocket" in the early 40's in the NHL. A: Who is Maurice Richard? Q: Nicknamed the biggest caca and smelliest company in the world A: What is JJ?
Sent in by Ryan The greatest basketball player alive? Michael Jordan
Sent in by Bart Bellamah What compound is made of 2hydrogen 1chlorine? Hydrochloric Acid
Sent in by Michael Haegele Answer: This was the only pope born in Italy. Question: Who is Pope John Paul 2?
Sent in by John This character in Star Wars was drawn 7 different ways. Who was Jabba the hutt?
Sent in by Ahmed Gaafar Who has the biggest jaws in Goldeneye. Jaws
Sent in by Yannnick Ounce for ounce, a red bell pepper contains about 4 times as much of this vitamin as an orange. What is Vitamin C?
Sent in by Richard Holbrook The Mighty Bambino. Who is Babe Ruth?
Sent in by Doug 12:00... 12:00... 12:00... What is the VCR's only response to my trying to set it. Pi-RC squared minus E=MC squared. What is... "Yes."
Sent in by Chris Kauffman He rushed for 2053 yards in the NFL'S 97-98 season. Who is Barry Sanders?
Sent in by Matt Kraus Maris hit 61 homeruns. How may homeruns did Roger Maris hit to brake Babe Ruth's single season homerun record?
Sent in by Tyler Stotts The capital of Brazil. What is Brazilla.
Sent in by Jonathan Hall This explorer found America in 1492. Who is Christopher Columbus
Sent in by Mitchell Carlson In the game Banjo-Kazooie what was the name of the bucket in treasure trove cove? What is Leaky
Sent in by Larry Kuok What is the highest mountain that is NOT in a mountain Ranger? Mt. Kilimanjaro
Sent in by Tony Siracusa What is the little mushroom enemy in the Mario series and makes another appearance in the latest version of Mario? Who is Goomba.
Sent in by Eric Kang In 1927, he set a distance record by flying from New York to Paris without refueling. Who was Charles Lindbergh? This "heavenly" candy bar comes in dark chocolate & a lighter version. As well as the original. What is Milky Way? From 1328 to 1707, Mantua in the Lombardy Region of this country was ruled by the Ganzaga Family. What is Italy? "I never spoke with God nor visited in Heaven" is from her poem, "I Never Saw A Mook". Who was Dickenson? Ounce for ounce, a red bell pepper contains about 4 times as much of this vitamin as an orange. What is Vitamin C? "The Silmarillion", sort of a prequel to his fantasy series, was published posthumously in 1966. J.R.R. Tolkien Someone said of his "The Last Judgment: "such things might be painted in a voluptuous bathroom. Michelangelo From 1328 to 1707, Mantua in the Lombardy Region of this country was ruled be the Gonzaga Family. Italy Ounce for ounce, a red bell pepper contains about 4 times as much of this vitamin as an orange. Vitamin C Originally in the center of the west wing, this office of the president is now in a corner. What is the Oval Office? The largest of the passerines are the black birds. What are ravens? The abominable snowman is said to inhabit the Himalayas. Especially this highest peak. What is Mount Everest? It's the fleshy fold of skin that hangs from the neck of a turkey. What is the wattle?
Sent in by Mike This character has not appeared in the Nintendo 64 series so far. Who is Luigi? This character has had his own game on this system twice so far. Who is Bomberman? These 2 characters have appeared 3 times so far. Who is Yoshi and Bomberman?
Sent in by Jared Dietzel The first for foreign band to make it in America.. Who is ABBA?
Sent in by Dennis Roberts This type of dog comes from Mexico What is the Chi Wa Wa.
Sent in by Jason Spencer Greenland. What is the name of the island that has 3 different time zones?
Sent in by Michael Poon This wrestler was voted for the man of the year. Who is Mick Foley?
Sent in by Mika Maxwell What is the combination of the sea dragon hat and the eagle hat called in Wario Land for Virtual Boy? Dragon Hat
Sent in by Steve Bond Kills ---------- with the golden gun??? Baron Shumti

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