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Sent in by Code Hunter First, play the "Catch of the Day" slot machine and put all of your money in so you have zero dollars & zero cents remaining. It's best to play $100 machines so you won't be inserting money forever.) Then, play Max. bet and during the spin, press Start and change your game. Press reset purse. The game will give you $1000 for restarting & however was left in the machine as your credits. Every time you do it, you gain $700. Click here

Get rich quick again

Sent in by Code Hunter For this tip, the only thing required is a controller with an auto fire feature. Go to the slots, and choose a machine. Set the bets to $5 or $10 bucks and put all of your money into the machine. You'll want to have about 200 credits into the machine, just to be safe. Move your hand to Bet Max Credits, set the A button to auto fire, get a rubberband (or something to hold the a button down) and leave the room for a few hours. In no time you'll have millions!

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