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Cruis'n Exotica

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Mondo Roll Wheelie Hidden Cars Turbo Boost Exotic mode

Mondo Roll

Sent in by Jeff Lawson Go to any level with some jumps in it and when you come up to the jump press the following: Let go of the gas button then quickly press Right, then press the gas button quickly that's it a mondo roll!!!!


Sent in by Jeff Lawson At any time during a race double tap the gas to pull off a wheelie. Click here

Hidden Cars

Sent in by Code Hunter Glide Car 2,200 miles Heavyliftin' 5,000 miles Formula 2 Car 100,000 miles Cooler Car Complete challenge mode & drag races. Lil Lightnin' Car Complete free style mode.

Turbo Boost

Sent in by Code Hunter At the beginning of the race, when the announcer says "set", tap the A button twice (nitro button) and hold it the second time. When the announcer says go you should get a super boost.

Exotic mode

Sent in by Code Hunter To unlock exotic mode you must beat the game on Exotica mode. This mode includes 2 features wacky and insane. These modes change the colors and make everything look weird.

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