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Conker's Bad Fur Day

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Boss tips
Location of five bees
Infinite tails
Skip introduction sequence
See Banjo's head
See Kazooie's head
Conker being bored

Boss tips

Sent in by Christopher Tomlin The Pitchfork: Quite easy, really. Just lead him to the haystacks and get close enough to them that when the pitchfork thrusts himself at you, he'll destroy the hay. Note: For a little fun, kick around the eyeballs after the battle. Monster Haystack: Use the pitchfork to hit the haystack. Remember, it's not a good idea to get hit. Hit him three times. Haystack robot: Get on the pitchfork and run behind the pipes when he starts launching the Suzie 9mm's. The missile will hit the pipe and cause water to come out. Get out close to him so he tries to get near you to squash you and make him run into the water. He will hop to the middle and start spinning around. Go over to him, jump, and when the light bulb is over your head, press B. Repeat this 3 times. Raging Bull: Make him run into the bull's eye and wait for the cow to come out. Now get the bull to the bull's eye on the wall, make him hit it, and mount the bull. Using the bull, hit the cow by pressing B. Hit the cow again when it's on the grate with B. Repeat the process 3 times, every time you must hit the cow one more time to get it to the prune juice. Note: Don't Charge unless you are 100% sure you will hit something, or else the bull will knock you off when you hit the edge. Great Mighty Poo!: While he is throwing his poo, listen to the music. He will start "Yelling." When this happens, go over to the B floor and throw the toilet paper into his mouth. He will cover the B floor you are standing on with poo and move on. follow him and repeat the process 3 times, every time throwing the TP into his mouth one more time. The big fat cave king dude: Using the raptor, bite him in the nuts when he raises his "big bone"(He He, big bone...). He will bend over in pain from your attack. Go around him and take a bite out of his big butt. Do this 3 times. Note: Jump if you're close to him when he does attacks that shake the ground around him, or else you will take damage and fall off the Raptor. Vampire Bat: As the bat, fly around his mansion and hit the villagers with guano (bat poop). Then fly down to pick them up, go to the chamber where the Vampire Bat is and fly over the grinders. Do this several times to make the Big Bat grow so big that he falls into the grinder. Note: Villagers that appear red are locked on. Your guano will be aimed at them. The big tediz and his little doll: In the tank, shoot the weapons that the doll brings up in the beginning and after a couple of hits. when the weapons are gone, run from him and shoot the little doll. When the BIG tediz bends over to pick up the doll, shoot him in the spot on the back. Do this several times. The Alein: Go over to him, dodge his attacks (Press Z to block his biting attacks, A to jump his tail swing) and hit him with a 3-punch-uppercut combo by pressing B 3 times in succession. While he's down, go to his tail to grab it and swing him around ala Super Mario 64 and throw him out the air lock. He will come back twice more, only he'll dodge your attacks this time. Just try to catch him off guard, like when he's about to tail swing. Click here

Location of five bees

Sent in by Luigi First bees: You find them after talking to the big bee and the flower then looking around the jumping crate. Second bees: You find them near the entrance of the farm area and making a super jump. Third bees: These are found by jumping from the jumping crate, to the roof of the barn. Fourth bees: They are found near where the cheese used to be, but in the higher areas. Fifth bees: There on the edges of the giant wooden bucket of water (or where the water might have been previously) that is on the roof of the barn.


YOUCANTGETME Invisibility in multi-player beach level FRENCHTOAST Enemies invincible in multi-player beach level ICANSEEYOU Auto-lock snipers in multi-player beach level PROTECTTHEEGG Raptors invincible in multi-player mode COMEANDFINDME No radar in multi-player mode
Sent in by Johnathan Place
WELLYTOP Get Conker as a mutil player person
EASTEREGGSRUS Get neo Conker as a mutil player person
SPUNKJOCKY You can cut off peoples heads or decapitated them
PRINCEALBERT Barn Boys chapter.
CLAMPIRATE Bats Tower chapter.
ANCHOVYBAY Sloprano chapter.
MONKEYSCHIN Uga Buga chapter.
SPANIELSEARS Spooky chapter.
BEELZEBUBSBUM It's War chapter.
CHOCOLATESTARFISH Extra money and to unlock The Heist chapter.
WELDERSBENCH Unlock all chapters and scenes.
EASY Easy mode
VERYEASY Very easy mode
WELLYTOP Conker in multi-player mode.
EASTEREGGSRUS Neo Conker in multi-player mode.
BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT Gregg the Grim Reaper in multi-player mode.
CHINDITVICTORY Weasel Henchmen in multi-player mode.
EATBOX Cavemen in multi-player mode.
RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE Sergeant and Tediz Leader in multi-player mode.
BEEFCURTAINS Zombies and Villagers in multi-player mode.
BOVRILBULLETHOLE Make Bullet Holes everywhere, destroy pillars
DUTCHOVENS Use frying pan in multi-player race mode.
DRACULASTEABAGS Use baseball bat in multi-player race mode.
SPUNKJOCKEY Use a chainsaw or katana to cut a Tediz head off in the War level for a Matrix-type death animation.
XFYHIJERPWAL IELWZS This code allows the game to be played in debug mode on Nintendo 64 development systems. It has no useful function in the retail version of the game.

Infinite tails

Sent in by Code Hunter Find the hook on a sign in level 2. Intentionally die to start the hook tutorial. The hook will now have a tail for extra lives. Take the tail and return to level 1. Return and another tail will appear on the same hook. Repeat to get as many lives as needed.

Skip introduction sequence

Sent in by Code Hunter Press Reset as soon as the Nintendo 64 is tunred on. Press Start when Conker cuts the Nintendo 64 logo to advance to the starting menu.

See Banjo's head

Sent in by Code Hunter Turn to the options screen in "Cock and Plunker". Look above the fireplace to see Banjo's head.

See Kazooie's head

Sent in by Code Hunter Go to the chapter selection screen and play any level. Before the level starts, you will be able to see Kazooie's head on the umbrella-like object when the screen fades.

Conker being bored

Sent in by Code Hunter
Let Conker stand without doing anything and he will start to do things like play with a yoyo, drink something, and pull out a Game Boy. When he pulls out a Game Boy, press R to go into first person mode to watch him play Killer Instinct. Do not move or Conker will put it away.

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