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Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

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Stronger attack
Where to find all six of the little kids

Stronger attack

Sent in by Code Hunter When playing as any character, you can improve and make more powerful your primary attack (long attack). To do it, pick the items called power-ups (small gray things) and your power will increase in the long-range attack, and you can take up to 2 power-ups. To improve your item attack, pick the same item you already have (example: 2 axes, 2 knives) and a small number located in the item icon will change to 2, and if you take a third time the same item it will increase to the maximum the power.


Sent in by Code Hunter To activate Henry, finish the game with Cornell. Then save your game to the controller pak after the credits. When you start a new game you will play as Henry. To activate the second type of clothes of Cornell, find two children with Henry. Click here


Sent in by Code Hunter To activate Reinhardt, finish the game with Henry. Then save your game to the controller pak after the credits. When you start a new game you will play as Reinhardt.

Where to find all six of the little kids!

Sent in by Code Hunter When you begin your quest as Henry, the game will give you the lowdown on what to do about the kids. It gives you the general locations (level names) but some of them are pretty confusing. The game tells you about the "Silent Forest" and the "Castle Wall" (no biggie). But then it says "Annex to the Evil Castle". This might throw you off a bit. Let me let you in on a little secret: "Annex to the Evil Castle" is actually called the "Villa"! And, when it says "Underground Passage", it really means the "Tunnel"! Then it says "Underground Waterway" and "Outer Wall". When the game informs you about saving data and special bonuses, it means that you get a bonus for each kid you find. Silent Forest - This kid is cool because the best way to find him involves a really good shortcut! When you get to the area where you must pull two witches to proceed, look behind one into the ravine. Move down the platforms until you get to the bottom, there is a portion of the wall that looks cracked. Hit it, and it will disappear! Follow the tunnel and you can't miss brat number 1! Now, don't go back!! When you find the kid, jump to the platform next to the one you're on. From there, jump to the island in the river. Pull the switch, and climb up the other side of the ravine, not the way you came! You just opened the gate to the second battle with the Skeleton! Castle Wall - Climb the woman's tower until you get to the four rotating green blocks/spikes, look at the center pillar, and voila! Another ankle-biter! There is an invisible walkway, so don't freak out. Just get the kid, and go back down the tower. Now, on to the "Villa"! Villa - Go into the maze with the garden in it. Right before you get to the garden, you'll see a stone arch that used to hold a dead-end. Now, it holds a kid! The rest of the children can be accessed from the coffin that the vampire boss came out of. Outer Wall - Right when you get into the level, go to the edge next to the Gargoyles. Look up at the black stair-like structure in the middle, you'll see a child. Now that you know where it is, climb to the area where you first climb onto the roof of part of the wall. Jump from there to the higher platform behind you. Follow the ledge until you're above the stair-like structure. Jump down and grab the munchkin. Then, proceed through the level and beat the Harpy. Touch the green jewel through the hole and now you're back at the "Villa"! Underground Waterway - Proceed through the level normally. When you get to the orange brick bridge, jump across the gap and look left. There are some platforms and a hole in the wall with a kid in it. Go through the sun door, beat Medusa, Go through the other sun door, touch the green jewel, and back to the "Villa" you go! Tunnel - This level is really big, so you'll have to figure your way through it yourself. After you get off of the blue gondola, find a moon door. Inside is the last brat. If this is the only kid left, then you're done. If not, then you'll need to beat Queen Algenie. Sorry this one isn't as detailed, but I'm tired. As for the bonuses, you get one for each kid. I don't know which one does what, but if you find them all, this is what you'll get: 1. Hard difficulty level. 2. Reinhardt Schneider becomes accessible. 3. Carrie Fernandez becomes accessible. 4. Cornell's second costume. 5. Reingardt's second costume. 6. Carrie's second costume.

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