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History of The Unofficial "World of Nintendo!!!!!!"

January 1996- I get on-line for the first time and start looking around for other Nintendo web pages, and find some!!! February 1996- I start to realize that there are very few web pages that are just for Nintendo AND cover every Nintendo system. So the idea comes into my head that I just might make a web page like that, with thousands of tips, Game Genie codes, passwords, and FAQs. So my quest begins and I start making Game Genie codes, and start looking for all of the tips, codes and all of that other stuff, and I get permission from Nintendo of America to use there stuff!!!!!!!! June 1996- I think I have enough stuff to start the page, so I start looking for a place where I can get a web page. Sure enough, on June 13 I find Geocities, a place where you can get a free 10 MB web page. June 13 1996- I sign up with Geocities at with just a few link's and a message that say's my page will one day become one of the best Nintendo web pages on the web. August 30 1996- My page counter passes 10,000 visitors, then it only takes about a month for it to double to 20,000. November 29 1996- My web page counter passes 50,000 visitors and the web page is getting about 600 visitors a day!!! January 18 1997- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE WEB PAGE GET'S ERASED by an on-line scam. So the next day after that, I get a web page at and I'm back down to about 5 visitors a day. February 27 1997- My page is up to where it get's about 200 visitors a day and the counter passes 100,000 visitors!!!! PLUS, I get my own DNS at!!! PLUS this is also the day that I turned 20 years old. May 2 1997- I put over 50 Message Boards up on the page!!! May 20 1997- The counter passes 150,000 visitors. June 13 1997- The page becomes one year old and I now get around 1,000 visitors a day!!! On my first year, I get visitors!!!!! December 20 1997- The counter passes !!! Other 1997 stuff- New sections get put up, Game Endings, puzzles, sounds and pictures. January 1998- The web page has it's first contest with more to come. Plus a review section get's put up on the site. February 13th, 14th, 15th- I get about 1,500 E-mail's in three days thanks to the second contest where you could only get entered by sending stuff in. It takes about four months to get all of the stuff put up on the site. In future contests you can enter each day and get bonus entries from sending stuff in. June 13 1998- The web page becomes two years old. In two years the web page get's 941,323 visitors. The title page get's a new look and now you can now choose between frames and no frames. July 2 1998- The counter passes !!! The web page is getting over 3,000 visitors a day!! December 28 1998- The web page gets 9,883 visitors!!! December 29 1998- The web page get's 60,147 hits!!! Other 1998 stuff- Ton's of new sections get added. Nintendo servers, Game Shark codes, Pro Action Replay codes, and the Official Game Genie codes plus fun stuff, like Game Ending ideas, Game Challenges, and Game Ending ideas get added. At the start of the year there are only about 1,000 HTML files, not counting the Message Boards, and by the end of the year there are over 5,700 HTML files and still growing and growing and growing!! January 30, 1999- The web page passes 10,000 visitors in one day. It get's bombed with 10,539 visitors and also sets a hit record, with 62,541 hits. April 16 1999- The first Game Cube Message Board is put up on the internet. Other 1999 stuff. More new sections. Instruction Manuals, Release Dates, a Fun Stuff section with a ton of stuff, and the news section dies. January 1, 2000- The web page survives the Y2K bomb but my computer crashes from the Y2K bomb. The Message Boards arn't Y2K complient. They say the date is 19100 until I fix it!!! Then I get new Message Boards. Future goals- Get 10,000,000 visitors before the year 2004. Get over 12,000 visitors in one day. Get the size of the web page above 10,000 HTML files. (Right now there are around 9,000 HTML files.)

About the webmaster

Name: Jesse Smith Gender: Male Birthday: 2/27/77 Occupation: A Webmaster Year I first played Nintendo and became a Nintendo Pro: 1988 Time I stoped playing a lot of Nintendo: June 13th 1996. Number of games I have beat. NES: 38 Game Boy: 3 Super NES: 14 N64: 2 (Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon Snap) Game Boy Advance: 3 Game Cube: 0 Virtual Boy: 0 BIG N64 accumplishments: 12 stars in Super Mario 64!!!! Got to the big tree in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!!!! Page 3 in Yoshi's Story!!!! Banjo-Kazooie, um can't even get to a boss!!! Time I spend looking at a computer screen each week: 20 hours! Favorite quote: Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. Favorite song: My City Was Gone by the Pretenders. Favorite radio show: Rush Limbaugh.

A picture of me. Updating the page!!!

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