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Did You Know???

Sent in by Mike Radon Did you know, that a LOT of video games had cartoons? With the exception of Captain N, there was Mega Man, Pac-Man, Pole Position, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Mario (1,3, and world) Zelda, Darkstalkers, Batman And Robin, Spiderman, Superman, Wing Commander, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, TMNT, and Biker Mice From Mars. That's all I can think of for now. But I saved the best for last!!! In Japan (For Japanese Animation or RPG Fans) look in your area for a place where you can buy Japanese Animation on Video because........THERE'S A JAPANESE FINAL FANTASY CARTOON!!!! YEAH!!!!! Did you know that there is (was) a Super Mario Bros. and Zelda cereal and board game? Did you know that on the same day in 1986, Kid Icarus and Metroid were released as the first games to use the password system? And yet, On TV, Metroid was advertised in the same commercial as Rad Racer. Strange. (Note: For RPG buffs, Rad Racer 1 and 2 were created by Squaresoft. See, they don't just make RPG's!) Did you know that Star Fox wasn't even supposed to be released to the public? It was just a testing program for the Super FX Chip but the designers liked it so much they told Nintendo to market it! Did you know that in it's first six weeks of sales, Mario Kart 64 hit one million copies sold! Yikes!!! Getting back on the subject of Metroid, Did you know that this game was not popular at all in Japan? But Nintendo bit the bullet and released in the U.S. only to be a smash hit!! Did you know that in Japan, F-zero has been out for a while now? An add-on to the Japanese N64 called Sattellivison, much like the rumors about downloading game updates with the 64DD, is required to get it? It's the only way so far to get a copy of this futuristic racing game. For the Gamer who likes to collect game merchandise, see if you can find these Video Board Games! Did you know that Donkey Kong, Frogger, and (heaven forbid, but I have to say it for the fact itself!!!) Sonic all have board games!! Well Nintendo owners who subscribe to magazines have probably noticed articles about FF7 (Final Fantasy 7) But are wondering where the leap from 3 to 7 came to be, well here it is in chronological order (time order) the list of Final Fantasy games. FF1 (US and Japan) FF2, 3, 4 (Japan) FF4 (FF2 in U.S.) FF6 (FF3 in U.S.) and now FF7 for PSX. Did you know that Virtual Boy Sold 1,000,000 systems in 1 week? Why wasn't it that popular? Because more than half of them were returned! In Fiscal Year 1996 (ended 3/31/97), Nintendo's sales were $3.25 billion, or 400 billion yen. More than 40% of American homes own a Nintendo system. NOA's Consumer Service Department logs more than 120,000 phone calls, letters and e-mails per week. Nintendo's magazine, Nintendo Power, is the most widely-read video game publication in North America, with a readership of over 750,000. Nintendo and the Starlight Foundation have placed more than 1,000 Fun Centers in hospitals, providing terminally ill children with interactive entertainment during hospital stays. Mario is recognized by more children than Mickey Mouse. Mr. Arakawa, the president of Nintendo of America, named Mario after the owner of Nintendo's first warehouse. It took a team of 16 people over 3 years to make Super Mario World for the Super NES. In Japanese, "Nintendo" means "we do all that we can, as best we can, and await the results." In other words it is a commitment to excellence. Shadows Of The Empire: Originally had 17 levels including a scene where Dash had to shoot down TIE fighters through the canyons of Gall and a scene where the freighter attacked Luke and Dash. When The SOTE development team left the cutting room, only ten levels remained. Mario Kart 64: Candyland (a course that's been buzzing with rumors about a hidden way to get it) was a battle mode course that was cut for Skyscraper. Mario Kart originally had 10 characters this time. However, Kamek (The evil magikoopa from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's island) was cut for Wario and Koopa Troopa (cry me a river) was cut for DK.

Number of systems that have been sold.

Nintendo 64: 2.6 million hardware units (U.S. only) Super NES: 40 million hardware units, 300 million games Game Boy: 45 million hardware units, 200 million games NES: 62 million hardware units, 500 million games Mainly all NES games are collector's items now due to the fact that they stopped making them. But, did you know that Mike Tyson's Punch-Out was discontinued? They had to take his name off of it after he was sent to prison. So if you're like me, and own a copy, congratulations! You own a game that was recalled! Did you know that September 1st, Beanie Baby madness starts again??? This time, It's in the Mushroom Kingdom!!! Nintendo has 4 beanie toys based on their games! Look for Beanie Mario, Beanie Yoshi, Beanie Bowser, and Beanie Donkey Kong. Will more come out??? Will they sell as fast as the one's at McDonalds???? Who knows? Chances are, Nintendo's decision to make these was probably a good one. Did you know, that there was an NES Mega Man game that NEVER made it to the USA? We have Mega Man 6, Japan has Rock Man 7.
Sent in by Cory You Did you know Acclaim had its own cartoon series in 1991? The cartoons included: NARC (Of the ultra violent late 80's hit) Wizard's & Warriors, and that one Tomato Game Boy game. A lot of hit games that come to the U.S. have had a name is a list of some of the US/Japanese names. Resident Evil/Biohazard Super Mario Bros. 2/Doki-Doki-Panic Contra/Probotector Secret Of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 2 Die Hard Arcade/Dynamite Deka Mega Man/Rockman Wild Guns/Blood Brothers Streets Of Rage/Bare Knuckles Growl/Running Arc U.N. Squadron/Area 88 Gradius/Nemesis Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest Rival Turf/Rushing Beat Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Run Street Fighter Alpha/Street Fighter Zero Tuff-E-Nuff/Dead Dance Rad Action/Ninja Taro Bad Dudes/Dragon Ninja Did you know sometimes the original concept for a video game is sometimes light years from the final conception. Here is a list of games, and their original name/idea: Final Fight/Street Fighter 89' Mortal Kombat/Universal Soldier Fighting Force/Streets Of Rage 4 Crime Fighters/Running Man Misconception sequels...Many people think the following games are sequels, but in fact are not: Guardians of The Hood (Not the sequel to Pit Fighter) Life Force (Not the sequel to Gradius, since their is a Gradius 2) Hyper Sports (Not the sequel to Track & Field) Rainbow Island (Not the sequel to Bubble Bobble) College Slam (Not the sequel to NBA JAM) Total Carnage (Not the sequel to Smash TV, though similar) Pheonix (Not the sequel to Galaxian, or Galaga) Stun Runner (Not the sequel to Road Blasters)
Sent in by Michael D. Both the Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2 were suppose to be endless. Each new quest the stages switched around. But the games both froze when the stages switched into certain places, and the idea was scratched. Star Fox 2 was released in Japan, but never made it to North America because we got Donkey Kong Country instead, Japan didn't.
Sent in by John Hooks Did you know that the Super NES was going to have a CD add-on but it was never released?
Sent in by Super Mario Bros. 2 was originaly Doki-Doki-Panic in Japan, an identical game with different characters (one could float), no Mario Music (for sub space, 1-ups, invincibility, etc.), no Mario-Related graphics, less jumping gravity to make up for the fact that you couldn't run (no, you couldn't run.) Also, it was set in more of an arabian style. Also, in both English and Japanese versions, many sfx were stolen from Zelda. (Japanese version Zelda sfx were different.)
Sent in by Sean Kelly Did you know that the Rumble Pack was designed with a fishing game in mind. Did you know that when the Rumble Pack was being shown at the Shoshinkai/Space World show the games it shown were Star Fox 64 and Blast Corps. While Star Fox did come out with a Rumble Pack capability, Blast Corps ended up not. Did you know that the Rumble Pack went through a lot of different names while in development. The names included the Jolt Pack, Jumping Pack, and Force Pack. Did you know that in Japan Super Mario 64 and Wave Race 64 were reprogrammed an rereleased with Rumble Pack capabilities.
Sent in by Ken Did you know that there are more Nintendo cartoons floating around in the world. There was a Mario/Zelda cartoon, Captain N (which featured a gigantic Game Boy and Mother Brain, from Metroid), a Super Mario 3 cartoon, a short-lived Super Mario World cartoon. That was all the Nintendo cartoons until 1997, when Nelvana started doing 26 episodes of a new cartoon based on a hit game. It's playing only in Canada on a special cartoon channel called Teletoon. The name is Donkey Kong Country, and features some of the Kongs. It shows all the Kongs from Donkey Kong Country and Dixie from Donkey Kong Country 2. It even has a new Kong called Bluster. It still has King K. Rool and his army of Kritters (the common green Kremlings), even though the last main boss is Baron K. Roolenstein.
Sent in by In 1991 Shigeru Miyamoto said "Who knows what Mario will look like in the future. Maybe he will wear metallic clothes!"
Sent in by The original Metroid game was a flop in Japan because it was only released on the disk format that the Japanese Famicom supported for awhile. The Mike Tyson's Punch Out! game was not recalled. The fact that his name was dropped was not related to his prison sentence. His contract with Nintendo ran out after awhile, and that's why he wasn't in the Punch Out games released later as part of the "classic" series. Of course, the contract might have been renewed if he hadn't been in prison at the time.
Sent in by Did you know that Balrog's name in Japan was M. Bison (Bison/Tyson, get it?). Since they didn't want to be faced with any legal action, M. Bison's name was changed to Balrog, Balrog was changed to Vega, and Vega was changed to M. Bison. Also, for Street Fighter Alpha, Charlie's name in Japan was Nash (his full name is actually Charlie Nash) and Gouki's name was changed to Akuma (for some reason unknown to me).
Sent in by Hudson Soft Controllers, for the Nintendo 64, are programmed to unlock secret levels in Bomberman games.
Sent in by Sean Kelly Did you know that Nintendo had planned to release Star Fox 2 in North America. But I guess when Nintendo of Japan started making Star Fox 64 they just decided not to release it. Did you know that Luigi was planned to be in a bonus level of Super Mario 64. But he was dropped because Nintendo didn't have the time to perfect him. Also because Nintendo planned to switch the Camera from Mario to Luigi it would also have been to confusing.
Sent in by Crono Did you know that Dr. Light has a love for music? Mega Man's real name is Rock, while his sister's is Roll! Protoman's other two names, Blues and Break Man, also are musical names. So that's Rock and Roll, Blues, Break dancing, and would you love to Rush to Tango to a Beat? Dr. Wily is trying to get back with Bass and Treble. Oh, well. (If you didn't get the earlier joke, Rush is a robotic dog, Tango a robotic cat, and Beat a robotic bird.)
Sent in by Did you know that Link has always been a lefty? He's been that way ever since the original Zelda on the NES.
Sent in by Kevin Corrie Did you know that Zelda 64 will be the sequel to Zelda 2? "What happened to A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening?" you say? They were prequels. Here's the order the games go in: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda II: Link's Quest, and The Legend of Zelda 64. Did you know the games jumped around like that?
Sent in by Shadow Did you know that Mega Man's real name is Rock? That's why is sister's name is Roll! Get it, Rock & Roll! Mike Adds: Also, Protoman's real name is Blues. Since he's sort of Megaman's brother, It kinda makes sense.
Sent in by Nick Garner Did you know that the company of Nintendo is over 100 years old? It started off making playing cards. It also made toys and then started making video games. The word Nintendo means we'll always try our best. It is something like that.
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