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These are rumors that I have heard of.

Dragon Warrior 4 (NES)

A few people have said that they all of a suddenly stopped being able to use spells or a certain spell, they disappear from the spells list.

ANSWER? Chris Czaplocki says, I played Dragon Warrior 4 some time ago and I could never get the Thordain Spell to work. It said that I didn't have enough mp's, even though I had like 225 and it only needed 15. I have no idea why.
ANSWER? Harkers says, The answer to the Thordain spell is relatively simple. If the person who is casting the spell has 225 mp, but there is at least one other member of the party who does not have at least 15 mp, then you cannot cast it. ALL memebers of the party must have at least 15 mp to cast the spell. This means that if you have someone like Ragnar (who has little or no mp) in your party, then you cannot cast it. Try putting people in your party who have at least 15 mp, it should work now.

Final Fantasy 3

Get all Espers, have all characters, keep Cid alive, and have all of the Paladin equipment, to see a different ending.

ANSWER? I have heard that you can get different endings from beating the game with out saving all of the players and from not saving Shadow.

Shadows dreams, can you see all of them.

ANSWER George Nassar says, Shadow's dreams appear when you go to SPECIFIC inns. If you go to a certain inn or sleep in a certain place, your chances of seeing the dream are 100% -- you WILL see it. However, it'll only work once per game for each inn.

You might get a Paladin Ring from wearing the Cursed Ring for 255 battles.

ANSWER George Nassar says, if you wear a Cursed ring for 255 battles, it won't turn into a Paladin Ring because Paladin Rings don't exist. HOWEVER, it will turn into a Hero Ring.
ANSWER? A Game Counselor at Nintendo of Americe Inc., says that one does not exist.
ANSWER? ???? Says there is a Paladin Ring. There are at least two American versions of the game. But only a very small number of games have the Paladin Ring. If your version has the Hero Ring, then the Paladin Ring isn't in it. The Hero Ring was sort of a replacement (and much better) than the Paladin Ring (which was basically a ribbon that taught Ultima).

Is there a cow in Final Fantasy 3?

ANSWER? George Nassar says, the "cow" in the game is actually a sheep, I believe. When you are put to sleep by an enemy, you will wake up if given enough time. When you do, you see a badly drawn sheep (or cow, I suppose) appear in front of the character that is waking up, and then he wakes up. That's the story.

There might be a way to beat Chupon.

ANSWER? Some where in a newsgroup I saw this. If you have someone with over 7000 HP, simply equip them with Atma Weapon, Illumina, Genji Gloves and the Offering. You're looking at 9999 damage per hit, with eight hits, that's more than plenty. But he only gives you the Exlier, and he is back for the next battle. In other words, it's pointless to fight him! Although one person did 9999 damage on him eight times, and he lived and sneezed. BTW, the Illumina is a sword, that you can only get from betting the Ragnarok in the Colosseum or by using the Game Genie. (Some people asked me what it is, but didn't have an E-Mail address.)
ANSWER? ???? says, I've done it lots of times. Equip a fast character with a Gengi Glove, Offering, Scimitar and an Atma Weapon, and hope you get the first hit.

There might be a way to bring General Leo back to life.

ANSWER? Kevin Corrie says, you can bring Leo back to life by winning some type of Elixer or potion from a golden dragon on a triangle island in the northern part of the World of Ruin (not the place where you fight the Zone Eater). It is said that if you can do this he will join your party.
ANSWER? A2X says, All right. I have Leo. No Game Genie, no glitch, I truly have him! I think this has to do with me owning an early release version of FF3, but here it is. Fight 4000 battles in the dinosaur forest after beating the Gold Dragon in Kefka's tower. A special dragon (like the ones on the floating continent, only gold) appears. He was incredibly strong, but I won. I won an item called "Resurect" from him. I went to Leo's grave, and used the item on the grave, and he appears in front of the grave. He thanks you, and goes and talks to Terra. They finish their little conversation that they started on the ship to Thamasa. In the end, he saves Shadow, and this also introduces a whole new ending occurs. All the characters settle down and start a life. Locke & Celes marry, and there's a lot of other things. Very few have believed me yet, but I keep trying to tell people. You must fight 4000 battles (Maybe I have too much free time!?).
ANSWER? You can sketch a vanished Gabledegak (Zozo) and Edger should turn into him.

There might be a way to get thousands of Econimizers and other great stuff after a battle

A counselor from Nintendo of America says to try not to use Relm's sketch command when you are on the Floating Continent, in the Veldt, or in the Phoenix Cave. Go to the desert South of Maranda in the world of ruin, and fight a Hoover. Have Relm sketch it while either she or it has a status change. Vanish works best, though I haven't had much time to test it. In any case, when you sketch, you should see some "scramble" effects, but they shouldn't last long. If you can move, get away. If it worked right, you should get unlimited Illumina swords, Gradius daggers, other "best" weapons (Sky Renders, etc.), the trademark dirks of a glitch, lots of relics, and possibly some good armor. save immediately because when I entered Figaro Castle shortly afterward, it froze up, although it only happened once. The character's colors when on the world map changed, too. I found this by accident, so I'm not entirely sure about all the effects. Sometimes if you sketch with Relm (or Gogo) the game will mess up, and you'll get a lot of good items. I got 247 Economizers (it just said 47, but if you go to a shop and try to sell them you can go past 99 and the one digit number after that will have zeros in front of them.), 211 Gem Boxes, 130 Zephyr Capes, 109 Scimitars, about 10,000 dirks, 127 Sprint Shoes, and 123 Black Belts, but it erased some items, too. If you sketch too much it may permanently mess up the saved game, (No, you don't get a bunch of items from this.) or even erase all your games on there leaving 3 empty slots!
Sent in by MacFarlanes Have Gau, Realm, and Locke, and some one else go to the veldt. Leap, and when Gau returns, cast slow2, use control, and steal from him. He'll be equipped with Fenix Down, and you'll get all the coolest items, including 2779 Dirks 149 Economizers and Gemboxes, and 29 Tintinabars and Offerings. Cast Vanish then Doom.
Sent in by Paul Jansen While still in the World of Light, go to the Veldt. Put Relm and Gau in your party. Have Gau leap onto any enemy. Leave a space open for him and walk around. Attack with everyone except Relm to kill the enemies. If Gau comes back, wait for the first message box to go away. Then, quickly try to sketch him before he tells you he'll travel with you. (Not fighting with Relm should have the cursor on her command box.) It may take a few tries to work, but eventually there will be a glitch. Trust me, you'll know when it works. If the game freezes and won't continue, reset and try again. If you're taken out of the battle, check you're inventory. The (0) Dirks are really (255), and you may have amazing amounts of rare items. Ever wish you had more than one Gem Box? How 'bout (180) of them? Atmas? (255)! Try the glitch a few times, it's never the same. But notice if you keep getting the same items, you'll keep getting them with small variations unless you change some major statistic in the game. Experiment!
Sent in by Cam Webster In Zozo take Relm and 3 other People and cast Vanish on a Gobble Ganger (something like that). Then draw them and you will get a lot of weapons and armor (10% of the time it will erase the game).
Sent in by Bryan I can honestly tell you a reliable way to get tons of awesome stuff early in the game (when I say early I mean as soon as you have Relm). All you have to do is 1) Play the game as normal until you get the Esper that allows you to learn Vanish. 2) Have Gau learn Vanish. 3) When you get Relm in your party find an enemy that is really weak (one that even Celes can kill in one hit no matter what). 4) Now all you have to do is arrange your characters like this (viewed from in battle screen): Sabin on top, Celes below Sabin, Gau below Celes, and Relm below Gau. 5) Now that they are in the correct position make sure only one enemy is left, the weakest kind you can find, and have Gau Vanish the enemy and Relm Sketch the enemy after he has vanished. 6) Your characters will glitch out really bad but all you have to do is run away, hold L and R buttons, and look on your items screen. 7) Now save the game as soon as possible. 8) Before you get into another battle go to a town and sell all the dirks, otherwise the game will freeze up and you will have to reset, you should be happy! One other thing, if you were not able to get away by running the enemy was too strong and you will have to find a weaker enemy.. You can also do this in the second world by having all the characters and going to the town were you find Celes in Esper form, the one where you get attacked while walking around, and finding a group of Gabbledegaks, kill all but one, vanish the remaining one and sketch him, sometimes the glitch does not work due to some of the items in your inventory but I would say about 80-90% of the time it does.
Sent in by Danny Victor Go to the Veldt in the World of Ruin. Make sure you have Gau and Relm in your party. Have Gau leap, and fight some battles. When Gau comes back, make sure Relm will be the first attacker. Before Gau starts talking to you, sketch Gau. What will happen is a bunch of really weird stuff. One of your party members will turn into General Leo (Not permanently), and everything will just be messes up. When you're done with your battle, go to your items and you'll have thousands of things, including Economizers. It should say "00", and to equip it, just do it like you normally would. WARNING: Most of the time this does not work. Don't be surprised if you have to reset it about 20 times before it works. Although it's never happened to me, I wouldn't do it on a game that you've played for a while, because it could mess it up.
Sent in by Exodus/Sniper I was trying to get Leo with Edgar. I sketched a Gabledegak and the game went freaky. After I ran away I had tons of stuff, including Economizers.
Sent in by J. J. Newberry Have a party of Relm, Sabin, and Edgar. Make sure Sabin and Edgar next to each other. You MUST HAVE SABIN cast vanish on the enemy then have Relm sketch it. **Save often** The game glitches and may lock up. Run or try to fight. Depending on the enemy you can get lots of stuff. If you get a weapon that says 0 example 0 Dirks you actually have 100 + of that item. Every glitch that the game does not mess up on I got a bunch of dirks. Stuff I got: Dirks, Atma Weapon, Excalibur, Economizers, Gem Box, Sprint Shoes, Fire Blade, Auto Crossbow, and Magicite.
Sent in by Bram Carter Soon after getting Realm on my first time through the game, the game seemed to freak out whenever Realm used her sketch command (images blur and change color or totally disappear). After winning the battles, my inventory kept stocking up with dozens of Economizers, Scimitars, thousands of Dirks, and other cool stuff that I can't remember.
Sent in by Mike Go to the Triangle Island or Dinosaur Forest to have many great items. Vanish a monster and use the "sketch"of Relm on this monster. The battle will bug, but you can fight or run away. If you do correctly what I do, the trick will work. But sometimes it doesn't work. When the battle is "bug" look on your spell list and you'll find something very nice.
Sent in by Peter Ho In my Final Fantasy 3 game, when I was at the mountain where you fight Ultros after the esper attack on vector, I saved the game at a save point. Shortly afterwards while fighting Adamchysts, I sketched with Relm and my game glitched. Terra turned into General Leo, Strago turned into a yellow and green square blob, Locke disappeared, and Relm became invisible. Some of the enemies disappeared too. Both Strago and Terra got some unknown spells. Terra had seven fire spells but only two worked. Strago got Hyperdrive, Tentacle, and some other spells. Hyperdrive was really H-Bomb and all the fire spells did was burn my own party. After the battle, the game froze whether I beat the enemies or ran away. I was able to reproduce this glitch repeatedly since I saved it only a few minutes before the glitch occurred but I never got anything since the game always froze.

Final Fantasy Legend 2

Double clicking or trying to move the trash can, might increase Agility or Strength to party members.

ANSWER? A Game Counselor at NOA, says that double clicking or moving the trash can won't do any thing, any where.
ANSWER? Artseen says, there is a glitch in the game that eventually, after you have thrown out a lot of stuff, you can click on the trash can and you can raise your characters agility. But do this at your own risk, for whenever you do this, you may loose all your mana.
ANSWER? says, the rumor about getting agility or strength up is true. It only works for a certain amount of times. You can only do the trick right after you beat Edo. If you go click on the trashcan it will show your people and you can give them boosts in a certain stat. In Edo it's strength, in other places it's different, like in the nasty dungeon world you get agility up.
ANSWER? Shawn Huckabay says, Once your later in the game, try to move the trash can. After that, select the trash can twice. This may bring up a screen allowing you to select someone on your team and increase their agility. Every time you do this, your magi increases by one, and you can do it until your magi is 99. I have not been able to get this to work more than once and think it is a bug and not a built in code.
ANSWER? G. Dufore says, After you get the magi from the Nasty Dungeon, try double clicking on the trash can in the item list. You should have 68 magi, and if you do the trash can will give you a boost to you agility, so much as to raise your human's and mutant's agility to over 90. If you try this with other amounts of Magi different effects will occur. Most of the time nothing happens, but sometimes it boosts your abilities or give you cures and stuff like that. For example. If you have a mutant with a mana of over 40 and then use this trick on your party, especially on him, then skip the nasty dungeon, and go directly to Valhalla Palace, you can get the flare book and use it on Odin and is helpers to beat him without going through the Nasty Dungeon. Then after you beat him you can get Dad and then go back to the Dungeon, It makes it a lot easier inside. I have done it. It really works.

Secret of Mana

If you don't go into Potos Village until you are at Level 25, you will get unlimited energy when you go in. That would take forever with out the Game Genie.

ANSWER? The Game Counselor's at NOA have never hurd of that trick.

After fighting the Red Dragon, there might be a skull switch at the back, in the center of the wall.

ANSWER? There is no skull switch there. It just looks like one.
ANSWER? Chris Palmares says, The axe wouldn't cut through the boulders. I left the cave then went back in. The axe then cut though the rocks. However, I didn't see any evidence of a skull switch or a door.

Sim City

You might be able to get lots of Amusement Parks and Casinos if you enter the code that gives you lots of gold, and build lots of roads.

ANSWER? It has never worked on me, I have never had over three times in a game to pick one of them. If you know of any other rumors, or answers to any of these, E-mail them to me.
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