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World Cup Soccer

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Shoot from anywhere and usually make it
Unlimited number of high power kicks


Sent in by Michael Hawkesworth 11507 U.S.A Beaten
Sent in by Jordan Bitzer 12810 Final game as Germany
Sent in by Ben R. 10300 Camroon Beaten 30700 Japan Beaten 01510 France beaten 22011 Russia beaten 72110 Spain Beaten 11510 England Beaten
Sent in by Krug West Germany is the final match 42400 Mexico beaten 62600 Holland beaten 60200 Brazil beaten 22300 Italy beaten 12800 Argentina beaten

Shoot from anywhere and usually make it

Sent in by Brandon Dobmeyer If you are Argentina or Italy you can shoot from anywhere on the field and usually make it. What you do is say the goalie gets the ball and he kicks it. Get right under the ball and hit a and b at the same time. This should do a bicycle kick (Or a flip}. If you did it right the ball should curve straight towards the goal and then take off like a rocket towards the goal. Do not do it anywhere else than close to mid-field or it is very likely not to go in. But remember you have a limit of these kicks per half.

Unlimited number of high power kicks

Sent in by Krug After you use up your super kicks, you can do an unlimited number of high power kicks by taking a certain number of steps and shooting. You can also do super kicks by taking this number of steps (not just headers and bicycle kicks). For USA, they are: Tony: 5 steps (same kick as Japan) Davy: 5 steps Brian: 5 steps Terry: 11 steps (same kick as England) Mark: 11 steps (same kick as Brazil) Don: 5-5-1/2 steps (same kick as Italy) Phil: 10 steps (same kick as W. Germany) Fred: 11 steps (same kick as Spain) Fred is the fastest Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, and W. Germany have unstoppable super kicks if done as a bicycle.

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