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World Champ Boxing

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Sent in by Harvey Engel This is the first game that got me cracking codes. Here is a chart I created for easy use to put in any stat you want for a fighter. Weight Class Speed Stamina Defense Punch Letter # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 B = Welter N=0 B=1 L=0, X=1 N=0 B=1 L=O X=1 Q = Middle P=10 C=2 K=10 W=2 P=10 C=2 K=10 W=2 D = Cruiser Q=20 D=3 J=20 V=3 Q=20 D=3 J=20 V=3 S = Heavy R=30 F=4 H=30 T=4 R=30 F=4 H=30 T=4 S=40 G=5 G=40 S=5 S=40 G=5 G=40 S=5 T=50 H=6 F=50 R=6 T=50 H=6 F=50 R=6 V=60 J=7 D=60 Q=7 V=60 J=7 D=60 Q=7 W=70 K=8 C=70 P=8 W=70 K=8 C=70 P=8 X=80 L=9 B=80 N=9 X=80 L=9 B=80 N=9 Z=90 M=0 M=90 Z=0 Z=90 M=0 M=90 Z=0 Example- if you wanted a fighter with 43 speed, 98 stam, 54 def, 05 punch in the middle weight class you would enter code - QSDMPTFLS Hints: If you enter 98 for all stats in whatever weight division it would go above 99 ( the normal maximum) and you can clean up on the champ. To get Different looking fighters use the first letter in his name for: Mexican- ABCDPQRS5678 Red Head- EFGTUVW9 Guy with a mustache- HIJKXYZ number- zero Black Guy- LMNO1234 letter O * To put a player's stats from 146-155 use a blank space in the 4th and 8th letter then: Z=146 X=147 W=148 V=149 These letters go after the blank space. T=150 S=151 R=152 Q=153 P=154 N=155 *Note- Once the stats raise past 155 they go back to zero so use with caution. They can only be used for stamina and punch. Try these codes: BZKMPZKMP - at the start SZL NZL N - use this to crush the champ with the blank space code. SN__N__N (S,N,2 spaces,N,2 spaces, N) 255 of every stat

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