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Tecmo Bowl

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Always catch the ball

Always catch the ball

Sent in by Sami Hanna There is a glitch with the bears team that lets you catch the ball every time even if the other player picks your play. Pick the down a play switch your receiver to the tight end (cap Boso) and throw it he catches it every time.


Sent in by Mike Waters 24AFFDAD New York vs. Miami in the Tecmo Bowl 264EACAE New York middle of season 397BFFA5 Chicago vs. Invisible Team (gray players on gray field) 397FBFA5 Washington vs. Invisible Team
Sent in by Adam Cude A9aeffa9 The super bowl
Sent in by Jesse McCarty 4DE02881 Denver 91F21084 Seattle 90031093 Seattle A8150099 Chicago 6A554097 Chicago A977409A Chicago 2A774497 Chicago 06C00680 Miami 85E20687 Miami 04D2078F Miami 44F21783 Miami 877A179A Miami 46BA5795 Miami 84CB5797 Miami 474BD7A6 Miami 5C509092 San Francisco 9FD89099 San Francisco 5E18D0A4 San Francisco 1B18D1A1 San Francisco 9D3AD2A9 San Francisco 9C4BD2A8 San Francisco 1F4BDAAB San Francisco 1E4BDEAE San Francisco 1C4BDFAD San Francisco 9E9FDFA7 San Francisco
These passwords let you play against the same team. 43AFFEAC Indianapolis 46AFFDAB Miami 49AFFBA9 Cleveland CCAFF7AD Denver 93AFEFAS Seattle 969FDFA5 Los Aangelos 997FBFA5 Washington 9C3F7FAS San Francisco 63AEFFA5 Dallas 269DFFA1 New York 679BFFA5 Chicago AC37FFA9 Minnesota

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