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Monster Party

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Sent in by Andrew Rae These passwords will start you off with a full Health Bar!! ?T5 4Cf tyO Level 2 uKb nsΣ fte Level 3 ste Q!U vhì Level 4 zn0 enA G!M Level 5 Wne Bc0 ubc Level 6 UjA 96D XΣa Level 7 E0i sR6 9OR Level 8
Sent in by Andrew Rae 12C LC" dft Level 2 Nei QaS ,TF Level 3 J-o Cu5 fmF Level 4 LiG "Gz rz8 Level 5 JV Wfr Abm Level 6 qoF bQy ,3! Level 7 DTv gs. iNT Level 8

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