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Mission: Impossible

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Last stage walkthrough Passwords

Last stage walkthrough

Sent in by Christopher Buckler First enter the last stage password. Afterwards, you'll be at a dock with a raft or something next to you. Select the guy with the stunning grenades, I believe his name is Max. Use him, but keep him alive as he is the only one who can unlock certain doors (not to mention he's fast) Always stun an enemy with a bomb, then run up and punch them! in the beginning, kill the guys with guns first, but keep an eye out for the knifed guys too!) Do not get any med. kits unless you have to. This will make your health go down to normal. If you have below normal, get it. Otherwise when you have no choice, put it on the guy with masks. (The reason you don't use him is because his weapon is no that great, and when anyone sees you in between changes, your gone.) Get the PASSCARDS (but your life is still not safe!) Go to the part with the conveyer belts, (you should have turned them off). Go all the way north.) Enter the room with 1 camera. Kill the guy on the right with the dude with the gun, then switch to "MAX". Hide behind the crates and when you can, go out and open it up, giving the kits to the mask guy if you don't have below normal health with anyone else. Select MAX. Time it JUST right and run straight through until you reach the sprays. Go east to the door on the right. Select Max. Stun everyone. (Or, select mask dude and use a mask, then go diagonal and shoot them fast) Stun them and punch them twice. Keep going until the top. Go up the stairs. Select the dude with the gun. Shoot the bottom robo-arm a few times before going up and shooting the top one a lot. If you destroyed it, then go for the bottom one, otherwise select Max and try to get through (its possible, I've done it without destroying the arms). After both of them are destroyed, go to the left door. Complete the remaining parts over again after you get the switches pulled off and got the IDCARDS. Go back right before the exit you used to get in the place with the switches and destroy one of the pink blocks right before that exit. (This is the part with robo arms) go to the left. Go down, not up, and use the IDCARDS to open the door (you must have Max alive). Go through and you will find a a guy in a chair. Shoot him after he talks. Before the door their is a fall, fall down. Repeat every thing over again. (Except the card, it will be open), (he will shoot very fast if you give him a chance). Go through-select max. Kill everyone. Go to the upper-right NOT THE BOTTOM (it leads you out to way before). Make your way to the end and you will be 1 on 1 with the launching computer. Play a "GAME" with it. If you lose, the games over. If you win, the games over but World War 3 is no more. It takes a password to enter the mainframe, you have no help at all (no beeps).


HMPR Stage 2 KMVW Stage 3 XDGJ Stage 4 TVJL Stage 5 QBYZ Area 6 MTKN The computer access code

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