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Game Genie codes

Game Genie codes

Sent in by Rachael Ranney These codes are useless but are fun to watch and some only work for the story part. OZTSVP + LISTTV No noise when you bounce off the moon block to change a person. I am not positive that it changes the music though. SOISIT + SOITIS Mick appears before the lettering is done and then the screen goes blank. POPTYE + POPPYE The wing flies by the and the screen goes blank, however, you can still play and once in a while it comes back up on for a second so you can see where you are. ISITSO + SOITIS In the levels you can't jump on the springs but if you jump on them it will make a noise after you fall through also you can fall of the magic blocks that you throw a the empty square at. PLUTOS + POPYE The frog that hops by the tent. LUKEIE + EIEKUL Minor defects of level but same as above. PIGGONEE Higher up graphics are weird too. ISTVLAST The game might be faster. IAKUUAZA M's Lets mombo (only on map) APZLGG Clouds different color beginning and magic Block is missing and where they are they used to be they have spots where they used to be. SXIOPO Story starts screen goes blank just music. PLITTLE Better than the last jump but not by much. KKKOYE The graphics change only in the story and then it goes plank. SSSOYE As above but a little different with the graphics. LOVETV Super strong gravity (don't use this code if you are playing because it holds you down a little.) VOLTVE Little ship goes by just dots then it goes blank (big deal I know). POPTOY Mega jump then you hear a noise you go to story and it stops. KIPEPO Music is way different and so is this code. KIOEPO Also there is no sound when you bounce blocks or jump and the M at the end of level goes crazy and if you get a card it says something totally different. LUKEIE Lives say zero and so does the amount of arches you gather except on the map and you have invisible lives just not hearts. Card thing says different at end of level. AOATYE Screen goes black just music. IPOTNN Lightning. KKKGGG A few eras but not much. STVEPI Vibrating music. PLOTKO Awesome Mega jump no black stuff. PLNKOE Lightning. PSLKOE Cooco stuff. GEPZXZ Story is messed up. IANOXG When you jump weird things happen. SANAPP Music is cool with MAJOR music change. SANAPO Just Jack Hammer sound but can't play game. PIGPOG Get hit and then screen goes blank ( big deal there) PIGPOG Certain hills when you jump it skips. POTTIPS Can't jump when up side down. SXGZPO Gye is at top and screen moves automatically. PSTVOE Out of place magic blocks hover down to the ground and don't come back. ZVVVOE Out of place but can reuse springs and blocks do the same thing as the last code.
POTOZX Stay in the air when you jump and move sideways. To go down, move back-and- forth really fast or push against the edge or the level area.

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