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Magical artifacts
Locations of Viles

Magical artifacts

Sent in by Peter Miller The various magical artifacts in the game cause mostly statistical change. The ring of ana increases your food and water meters to 100% each. The amulet of shield gives you a small increase in each shield type. The amulet of Tammus gives you a small increase in mana. The magic water is required to reach the highest rank in the game. In the forest, throw the magic water into the marsh to get one of those messages saying "you feel more experienced!". Just in case you never noticed, these signs mean you just increased your maximum mana.

Locations of Viles

Sent in by Peter Miller Vile of Earth - Wilderness When the box says "you sense powerful magic" cast Reveal, then cast Wakey Wakey. Talk to the wizard to get the Vile of Earth Vile of Air - Caverns Get the 3 magic charms and go to the room where the old lady is. Use the 3 magic charms to make the old lady young and she'll give you the Vile of Air. The first magic charm is in the maze of doom, the second is in the treasure room at the end of the puzzle room and the third you get by giving the baby dragon the dragons egg. Vile of Water - Dungeon When the box says "you hear mocking laughter" cast Reveal and go in the hidden door. Talk to the warlock twice to get the Vile of Water. Vile of Fire - Castle Go in the first door you find and run past the barbarian. Fall off the ledge and walk to the right. Pass the ghosts and go in the last door. Jump on the ledge and cast Fleet Foot to cross the fire bridge. Defeat the fire guy and open the treasure chest to find the Vile of Fire


Sent in by Ryan

Spell list

Razor: Pholra Axor: Phrast Boomeraxe: Phnahu Boulder: Phrana Spear: Pholmira Ven: Venahunara Fireball: Fistmira Firering: Fiolnarast Firestorm: Firanaolhu Firespray: Fiolhunara Dispell: Pohunast Lightning: Ponastrana Repellant: Poolmistna Death ring: Postramist Psychic: Poraolhust Help: Miol Meditate: Mifisthura Fly: Miranarast Phys Shield: Phranarahu Ven Shield: Veranamist Fire Shield: Firanahuna Power Shield: Poranastra Reveal: Minara Fleet Foot: Mimifinast Slowmo: Mimirahuna Featherlite: Mistraol Twin: Minaolna Wakey Wakey: Minastol Light: Miolst Translate: Mirahuol Iron Boots: Mistnast Jump: Mirahufina Who's Who: Huhumihuhu Sound Test: Nahumistmi You should take note that you can increase the strength of a spell and of course the mana it consumes by as much as a factor of four by putting the pointer on it (in the A-button slot of the subscreen) and pressing I believe to the right three times. Throughout the game, focus mainly on keeping yourself shielded. This may seem expensive, having to buy the food and water to make this possible, but by the end of the game, money is no object at all because you have nowhere to spend it! It takes fifty mana points to write a new spell (such as a shielding spell) into your spellbook, but in the long run its well worth it to have learned some of the more useful spells ahead of time. (Some of the spells in the shops can be costly too.) Buy all types of food, but use only vegetables as they give you a ton of food for the price. The meditate spell will come in handy. It increases the speed at which your mana is replenished, but also the speed at which your food and water are diminished, so use this spell only when you are near a store or in an emergency. Oh yes, you must press the spell-casting button twice to use this spell--once to face the screen and again to assume the yoga position. Don't do too much unnecessary fighting. By unnecessary, I mean fighting that doesn't give you treasure or experience. There are a ton of enemies in this game, especially toward the end (too many to fight them all just for the entertainment value).

Town (Serenna?)

Okay, as you start the game in the town, be sure to enter the "secret" shop and deliver the old man's letter early. Also pledge yourself against the misuse of magic in his house. These things will give you more experience, and in turn, more maximum mana. Use this extra mana to shield yourself to as near 100% in each category as you can stand to, sticking close to the 'shop' so that you can refill your food and water (Again, the meditate spell comes in handy.). When your shields are as beefed up as they can get, kill the warrior at the end of the level with the Axor spell (kill Magas with the lightning spell). Before you leave the level (or any level for that matter), talk to everyone, get all the info you can from the guilds (Listen to conversation three times and talk to the guildkeeper immediately after drinking one and only one cup of goat's milk), etc. Also, make sure you have the walking stick (this turns into the staff of power later, which is an extremely useful item), the sunglasses, and the magic water (I have no idea what this does), and a key (you'll buy yourself a one-way ticket to nowhere by passing this up).

Barren Wilderness

When entering the second board, the 'barren wilderness,' immediately put on the sunglasses to shield yourself from the harsh sun. Search the hollow tree by pressing down, and heal the wizard with the Wakey Wakey spell. Use the reveal spell when you sense powerful magic (if for no other reason than to get the experience) and you can buy some nifty spells from a boy-george-looking faggot. Fall into the well, open this chest and every other with the key you didn't forget to buy in the first level and fly out. Fly over the pools and kill the poisonous thing at the end of the level by using one of your spells. (I don't know of any particular weakness that he has.) In order to get his treasure, cast featherlite. Then cast fleet foot spell and run to the lake level.


Give the ferry-man the pouch of coins and he'll transport you across the river. The last chance for you to unworringly shield yourself is in this level. If you plan on beating the game, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOUR SHIELDS ARE ALL AT 100% before you leave the safety of the little shop in this level. From here on out, its nothing but punishment. You will get absolutely stomped without a good amount of shields. Beat the Magas or warriors and make your way to the far right. You will come to a place where you will have you use the jump spell to get past about ten or fifteen pits of water. Don't worry about killing the little ghosts, just haul ass. There is a dragon at the end of the level which you can kill easily with the fireball spell. Don't forget the treasure chest.


This level is pretty tough, and there are a few things I may have missed here, but I'll tell you what I know. The main premise here is to fight fight fight or run run run until you get to the end. You'll come across a sleeping tree, which you must Wakey wake up, and then translate his words. Talk to him twice. You'll come across a shop and a beggar. Give him food and he'll give you advice (and experience). At the end of the level, there are three doors. To enter the first, answer "Venmore" to the serpent. Kill the barbarian. A good strategy for these guys is to stay "inside" them (ie, extremely close to them) and Staff of Power them to death. Get the water from the chest (pretty hot commodity). Tell the serpent "Shome" as you enter the second door. Don't get the ring in the chest though unless you want to die from poison. Answer "Fangfew" to the third serpent to get to the cavern level.


Fall through the weak bridge using the ironboots spell and immediately fly to the chests on the left and right. Make your way to the bottom of the cave, solve a puzzle room (more on these in the Dungeon section), and give a baby dragon the egg you got out of the hollow tree. To the far right is the 'Maze of Doom,' which will kill you dead unless you know where you are going. My advice is to use one of your precious saves just outside the maze. The beggar said to go N, N, E in the maze, but I am here to tell you that there are at least two chests in the maze, and you may miss one if you do nothing more than what the beggar instructed (and the one you may miss has the only refresh potion in the game in it. The refresh potion is a very, very handy item to have in that it fills your mana, food, water, etc. to 100%.). The only use I found for the maze was to pick up a staff or two and the refresh potion. After the maze, go to the room where the old woman in the rocker is and use the three magic charms. This will take you to the dungeon.


There's really not much to say here except you had better be ready to fight. Each prison cell has a battle or puzzle room and in turn a prize--a mana potion, food, a magical artifact, etc. Each of the puzzle rooms are fairly easy to solve except the one where the room is nothing but white tiles (see below). To solve them, you must reach the top of the screen, but in almost every puzzle room, there is exactly one tile that makes a weird sound when you step on it (the only exception is the puzzle room with the switches--I haven't found one there). I have no idea whether or not these are significant. As far as the puzzle room with the white tiles is concerned, here is the path you take (U= Up, D= Down, etc.): 3L, 3U, 3R, 2U, 1L takes you to the square with the weird sound. Starting back from the beginning, 3L, 3U, 4R, 1D, 3R, 1U, 1L, 2U, 2R, 2U, 2L, 1U, 2L, 1D, 2L, 1U, 2L, 1D, 2L, 2U, 1R takes you to the end. (I can't remember what's in the chest) You can refill your water flasks at the springs, but food is still hard to come by, so don't hang around too long. Cast the twin spell at the end to hold the door so you can walk through.


Again, there is a lot of fighting in this level. Run from as many of the enemies as you can and use staffs on those that you have to fight. Cast slowmo and fleetfoot to run past the swinging pendulums, and use the fly spell to help avoid useless battles. There is a staff or two on this level (maybe the staff of blayze and mayhem), but they are hidden in chests without designated guardians. The only battle I suggest engaging in is a battle toward the beginning with a barbarian (You get some food or water out of it). After you defeat the guy that throws fire at you, there are three doors. The first and third take you back to the beginning and middle of the level, so only if you have unfinished business (ie a staff you forgot to pick up) in the level should you take either of these. The second door will take you to a sphinx who will ask you to name him when you try to leave. Choose the third name I believe and you will be taken to the bottom of Abadon's tower.


This level is mostly straightforward: puzzle rooms and monster-guarded chests lie in the left/right deviations from the main vertical drag. There is a one-use mana-restoring fountain that gives you experience (how'bout that) on the right side toward the middle of the level and an important room just above it on the left, where you exchange your four vials (earth, air, fire, and water) for the "ultimate potion." I hope you have these vials. If you don't, the only ones I remember the locations of are the earth (get it from the wizard that you Wakey wake in the second level) and the fire vials (get it from the fire boss in the castle stage). You may as well restart the game if you don't have them.


Your mana should be damn near full seeing as how there was a fountain two stories below. Shield up and blast him with a four-strength spell such as fireball, lightning, Axor, etc. It doesn't matter which one you use as long as you are consistent. He will start to weaken after a while, and the caption will clue you in to this. Use the ultimate potion and the game is over.


As the intro to the game (and the game ending) suggests, there is a rank of magician that I have never gotten. This jips me out of seeing the full ending of the game. If you haven't beaten it, the chick at the end (I guess its his girlfriend) slams the door and lets him in after a few seconds, but the caption reads something like "Only a real magician could see the end of this story." The highest rank I have had is "expert" with 3900 mana points. Another thing is that there are several items that I haven't found a particular use for: the magic water and all of the magic artifacts (that I have found): the Ring of Ana, the Amulet of Mor, the Amulet of Shield, and the Amulet of Tammus. The latter items are all but worthless after one use. You get a message like "the magic in this artifact has been used up" upon trying to use them a second or third time. I have dismissed the staff-type items that I found as having the sole function of shooting rays at the enemies that are about 1/10th as strong as the spells you could be casting at them. These items include and to my knowledge are limited to: the staffs of power, blayze, mayhem, and knell, and the ring of hale.

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