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Bandit Kings of Ancient China

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Get lots of gold

Get lots of gold

Sent in by Collin Neal A time consuming but easy way of getting as much gold as you want is to buy furs one at a time (if the cost is low enough she wont charge you for them 1 at a time) then just sell them and buy whatever you want with this money.


Sent in by Dan Crosby Play scenario 1, it is the most fair (and most challenging.) Leopard Headed is probably the best GoodFellow, but Nine Dragons and Blue Face Beast are a lot of fun too. Set up early in either Prefecture 39/40 (in the West) or somewhere on the East coast, not adjacent to the enemy. Service your farm and build through October, then hunt for food in November and give it all to your citizens in December that way you should get tax revenues in January. Once you are established, divine and recruit as many heroes as you can. Expand carefully, and never move adjacent to either Gao Qui or other GoodFellows until you have a sizable army. (It doesn't matter how good your troops are as long as you have enough of them the computer players won't attack large armies.) Make at least 2 or 3 high-quality heroes into Sworn Brothers. If you can, try to get Little Li Guang. When you're ready for battle, ALWAYS train and arm your troops to the max, regardless of expense. Perfect troops will slaughter lowly ones. Once you begin your attack, press on, but be sure not to create a larger front then you can defend. And watch your food! Once you get the Edict, try to surround Gao Qui before attacking him or he'll flee. Then take in 1000 troops, led by your best leaders (by then you should have Little Li Guang, Black Whirlwind, Chief Advisor, etc.) and you should slaughter him.

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