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Blower tips
Get 255 lives

Blower tips

Sent in by Mark Whenever you are in a level that has those things that blow air out, you can avoid dealing with the ones that blow air towards the left, as long as it is connected to a wall or something. It is difficult to jump up to the right, because the blower pushes you further left. If you run toward the blower and jump so that your head hits the bottom of the blower while moving to the right, you will pop inside of the wall. If you then jump a few times, you will be on top of the platform, totally avoiding the annoying inconvenience of having the blower there. In level 3, using this method in some places (I don't remember where) will allow you to jump up within the wall up to the top, where you simply run to the right, way above the screen, without any enemies and thus you simply pass the level.

Get 255 lives

When you come to a tall springy poles that you can use to vault yourself really high and far, vault off the pole and maneuver yourself so you land directly on the top of the pole. If you do this correctly, you'll bounce 10 times on the pole and collect a 1-up for each bounce. When you stop bouncing and collecting 1-ups, get defeated and repeat the process. You can build up to 255 lives. Do not exceed 255 lives, however, or you will start back at one!

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