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Jeopardy! Jr. Edition

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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Sent in by Scott Schwartz Who is Johnny Storm on the show The Fantastic Four? The Torch
Sent in by Chris Day Not right side up. Upside down. These small, round green vegetables grow in a pod. Peas. The business section of a city. Downtown. One kind of skiing event. Downhill. The street where the prime minister lives. Downing. This tiny fish is sometimes used as bait. Minnow. According to the song, the rose of Texas is this color. Yellow The Los Angeles Dodgers originally played here. Brooklyn. This long macaroni is usually topped with sauce. Spaghetti. A round, fried pastry with a hole in middle has this name. Donut. Having to stay after school as a punishment is called this. Detention. A high school senior is in this grade. 12. Before beginning first grade, most children spend a year in this class. Kindergarten This person is in charge of a school. Principal. This is the assignment to be done at your home after school hours. Homework He was captain of the "Nautilus" in "20,000 Leagues under the Sea." Nemo He was Dr. Jekyll's evil side. Mr. Hyde. Jack London's "White Fang" was this kind of animal. Dog. History tells us that this woman made the first American flag. Betsy Ross. This is the hometown of the NFL team known as the Cowboys. Dallas. The world championship game of the NFL is called this. Superbowl. His kiss wakened Snow White. Prince Charming. The Seven Dwarfs worked in this kind of place. Gold mine. This was Robin Hood's favorite weapon. Bow & Arrow. Zorro used this weapon to carve his Z's. Sword. Another name for a sweet potato is this. Yam. Iceberg and Boston are two types of this vegetable. Lettuce. American Indian word for "conference." Pow wow. A bread spread made by churning cream. Butter. The shirt part that goes around the neck. Collar. The car at the rear of a railroad train. Caboose. There are this many days in one year. 365. This many people sing a duet. 2. There are this many minutes in an hour. 60. A quartet is a musical group of this many performers. 4. There are this many pounds in one ton. 2000. Dodger pitcher Koufax has this first name. Sandy. Married turns around to become morning moisture on grass. Wed & dew. A train track turns around to become a fibber. Rail & liar. Halt turns around to become cooking vessels. Stop & halt. Halt turns around to become cooking vessels. Stop & halt. The tallest animal in the zoo. Giraffe. These huge black and white bears are found in China. Panda. A large zoo cage for live birds. Aviary. The season when most crops are planted. Spring. A vehicle used to pull equipment for plowing and seeding. Tractor. The name given to an area where fruit trees are grown. Orchird. Chemicals used to make soil richer and promote growth. Fertilizers. A doctor called to care for sick animals. Vet. He said, "Open, Sesame!" Ali Baba. She warned everyone she met, "The sky is falling!" Chicken Little. He sat on a wall and had a great fall. Humpty Dumpty. It jumped over the moon. Cow. She made some tarts. Queen of Hearts. The writing stick used on blackboards. Chalk.
Sent in by Jason She lost her sheep and don't know where to find them Who is little bo peep? Looney Tunes $100- This pink cartoon character stutters "That's all fokes. Who is Porky Pig? $200- This hunter speaks in a funny way and is always after bugs bunny. Who is Elmer Fudd? $300- He is short and has a red mustache and 2 first names. Who is Yosemite Sam? $400- This elderly lady is the owner of tweety bird. Who is Granny? $500- He's the french skunk. Who is PePe La Pew? Fantastic 4 $100- Ben grim becomes this mighty orange hero. What is the Blue eyed thing? $200 This is the secret identity of the human torch. Who is Johnny Storm? $300- This hero has the power to stretch his body. Who is Mr. Fantastic? $400- Sue storm is related to Reed Richards this way. What is his wife? $500- The human torch ignites his fire with these words. What is flame on?

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