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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Sent in by Norfleet Auto racing Bobby Unsers4-second refueling in 1976 indy 500 set record for this. Pit stop This rear deck air deflector helps improve tire traction. Spoiler Auto pioneer who set 1 mile speed record of 91 MPH in 1904. Henry Ford N.H.R.A. regulates these racing cars. Hot rods In 1977, she reached 252 MPH, then the world's dragster record. Shirley Muldouney Disney Bela Lugosi posed for chernobog, the dark god, in this 1940 "concer feature". Fantasia Cruella de vil wanted a coat out of them. 101 Dalmations The 1977 Helen Reddy musical that could have been called "Elliott". Pete's dragon with Jose Carioca and panchito, he was the third "Caballero". Donald Duck Pinocchio's boss at the puppet show. Stromboli Ships the fatal quest of the "Pequod". Moby Dick He captained "The golden kind". Sir Francis Drake of this "ship", Longfellow said, "sail on, O union, strong and great". Ship of State Japan surrendered aboard this U.S. battleship. U.S.S. Missouri Bible facts He performed a burnt offering with some of the animals he saved. Noah Both testaments warn against the attitude "Eat and drink" now, for tomorrow this will happen. We die It was where people first spoke different languages. Babel Not just by this "but by every word....of the Lord, both man live". Bread alone the biblically polite way of saying fathered. Begot Alice in Wonderland Alice thought the white rabbit was normal until he whipped this out of his pocket. pocket watch to have room to do the lobster quadrille, clear these spineless creatures off the shore. Jellyfish The character exactly 3 inches high who smoked a hookah. Caterpillar The mock turtle said 2 of its 4 branches were "ambition" and "distraction". Arithmetic Alice joined the tea party at his house. March Hare Starry Songs Perry Como sang,"catch a falling star and put it.....". In your pocket "Are the stars out tonight, I can't tell if its cloudy or....." this. Bright Its when "peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars". Age of Aquarius The Everly brothers were "through with counting the stars above" in this song. Bye Bye Love Medical Terms A brain bruise. Concussion Health insurance financed by Social Security trust funds. Medicare The common name for the chronic disease involving a lack of insulin. Diabetes Discovery of a mold on cantaloupe led to mass production of this drug. Penicillin High blood pressure medication, minoxidil, is now preventing or reversing this. Baldness Auto History An electric spark by the piston ignites air and this. Fuel Syrup, sawdust, and tennis balls preceded air as filling for these. Tires "Synchromesh" allows you to do this, either up or down. Shift the two standard gauges calibrated in miles in a U.S. car. Speedometer and odometer Ethylene-glycol fluid containing rust inhibitors and lubricants. Antifreeze "J" words It may be named for one of Popey's pals, or for the initials of "General Purpose". Jeep In 1975, it was the bee gees' way of "talkin". Jive "If you shut your mug, I'll fill up...."this with "Good ol' mountain dew". Jug Flotsam's "friend" Jetsam To place side by side as in an unexpected combination of clors or ideas. Juxtapose Sports facts The only team that can score points in volleyball. Serving team English Boxer Jack Broughton, the inventor of the boxing glove, is commemorated in this regal resting place. Westminster Abbey Finishing her channel swim in 1926, Gertrude Ederle was met on the beach by an immigration officer demanding this. passport The year of the first world series telecast, which featured dodger rookie Jackie Robinson. 1947 Of all his achievements, this pediatrician is proudest of his 1924 Olympic gold medal for rowing. DR. Benjamin Spock Soap Operas CBS-TV's "the bold and beautiful" is a spin off from this soap. The young and the restless Kathryn Leigh Scott published a scrapboood about her life on this 60's gothic soap. Dark Shadows The first name of Brady on "Days of our lives" and a Buchanan on "one life to live". Bo Among his roles in soaps were Jeb Hampton, Mike Gallagher, and Scotty Baldwin. Kin Shriner Holidays This state observes march 2 as its independence day and as Sam Houston's birthday. Texas The first U.S. federal holiday of the year. New Years Day Memorial days symbolic flower. Poppy The 8-day Jewish holiday celebrating the rededication of the temple. Hanukkah Flag day is a legal holiday only in this state, where Betsy Ross lived. Pennsylvania Potent Potables His name on Brady means its over 5 years old. Napoleon Zodiac The "crabby" sign of the Zodiac. Cancer This sign's symbol resembles the Roman numeral 2. Gemini Lovely Libra ladies are traditionally ruled by this planet. Venus Besides the sun, the two most important signs in any natural chart. Moon and ascendant Rated "Ex" Latin for "banishment," which is what it means. Exile One can be "my brother flushed my homework down the toilet". Excuse A cold stethoscope on a warm body. Examination Desinister a body. Exhume Half of the breathing process. Exhaling Animal world Hangeng upside down, they come in 2 and 3 toed varieties. Sloths Beavers slap these on the water to warn of danger. Tails It can dart its 22-inch tongue into a hill 160 times a minute. Anteater These most successful vertebrates survived 150 million years ago. Dinosaurs Alaska The Indians called the Inuit people "Eskimos" meaning "Eaters of ....."this. Raw meat Chewing gum It was first produced in 1928, and manufacturers blew their wad making it. bubble gum "Chewing gum king" who captured 70% of the gum market. William Wrigley These central American Indians chewed a crude form of gum over 1000 years ago. Mayan Indians A World War Two morale booster for Filipinos was gum printed with this famous promise. I Shall Return A primary part of gum base, its the natural gum of the sapodilla tree. Chicle The Bible Completes the phrase,"The Lord is my Shephard" I shall not want Immanuel Velilcovsky claimed to have found evidence in Egypt of these ten biblical events. 10 Plagues Mount Megeddo is the prophesied site of this last earthly battle. Armageddon Saul of Tarsus was struck blind while on the rode to this city. Damascus At two words the bible's shortest verse. Jesus wept Alaska Close to half of Alaska's population lives in this city. Anchorage Vitus Bering, a dane, was working for this country when he discovered Alaska. Russia From 1879 to 1884 this branch of the military ruled Russia. Navy Over 90% of Alaska's oil is found near this Arctic Bay. Prudhoe Bay
Sent in by Tom Martin A neighbor of Uranus, it's only about 1/2 as dense as Earth. What is Neptune?
Sent in by Jason Cranford Sport fishing varieties of these were once made of bamboo. Fishing rods Of dry flies, wet flies or spinners the one that floats in water. Dry flies This caviar-laying fish holds the worlds freshwater weight record. Sturgeon To protect the line from underwater obstacles, piano wires are used as this. Leaders Type of fishing done by towing bait behind a moving boat. Trolling Poland After World War 2 less than 20 percent of the buildings in this capital were inhabitable. Warsaw After fighting this war, Thaddeus Kosciuszko tried to unite Poland. American Revolution Re-establishing a free Poland was one of his 14 points in 1918. Woodrow Wilson Poland is among the world's largest producer of this fuel. Coal After 1572, The Poles used this method to select a King. Election Sports people Clint Benedict of the 1929 Montreal Maroons was the first hockey goalie to wear one of these. Face mask The 1969 Redskins were the last team he coached. Vince Lombardi His syndicated column and radio program were called "On the line". Bob Considine Jack Dempsey's famous 4 words when asked how he lost a fight. I forgot to duck. Automobiles In 1804, Oliver Evans built a passenger vehicle in the U.S. powered by this. Steam Business week did not predict the impact this country's auto industry would have on the U.S. Japan Starts with "L" Choirs and hay are kept in them Lofts The archangel that led the angels to revolt. Lucifer Type of beer stored for sedmination before use. Lager Bible Facts He preformed a burnt offering with some of the animals he saved. Noah It was here that people first spoke different languages. Babel The biblically polite way to say farthered. Begot Presidential He chose not to run for re-election in 1952 Harry Truman Presidents often stay there, part of a public park in Fredrick County, MD. Camp David When told that he had died Dorothy Parker asked "How can you tell?" Calvin Coolidge Utah The governors mansion is located in this city. Salt Lake City They called the land "Desert" meaning honeybee. Mormons Feature shared by the capitol building and a duracell battery. copper top 100-sqaure-mile region where speed records are set. Bonneville Salt Flats Utah was denied statehood while this was in practice. Polygamy Animal Facts These insects "Wood" eat your house Termites The Double-Crested Basilick, this type of reptile, can run across water. Lizard At 3 pounds the human brain weighs about 1/3 as much as this land mammals. Elephant Appropriately named, this bird sews leaves together to make a nest. Tailorbird Some of these tiny arachnids live in the air tubes of honey bees. Mites The Human Body The rectus abdominis, pectorals major and the heart are these. Muscles The eyes projection screen. Retina Substance that gives erythrocytes their red color. Hemoglobin The thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal are these type of gland. Endocrine glands Pop Singers His 1984 hit was "Some men have all the luck". Rod Stewart Her career reached "Fever" pitch in 1958. Peggy Lee Barbara Streisand had Top-10 hits with Neil Diamond, Donna Summers, and him. Barry Gibb His 1971 Grammy was for "When you're hot, you're hot". Jerry Reed
Sent in by Owen HUMAN BODY One hundred quadrillion synapses are in this organ. What is the brain. FASHION Original word for pants. Pantaloons Original dresses for this dance were grass skirts Hula Part of body you'd wear an epaulet on Shoulder POETRY For Byron, "She walks in beauty like.." this The night 3 chief types are syllabic, stress, and foot-verse Meter Of haiku, limerick, and sonnet, this has the most lines Sonnet SHAKESPEAR Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet were all this at the end of the plays Dead His big line is "Beware the ides of March," not "Forsooth" Soothsayer He yells, "Blow winds... and crack your cheeks... rage ...blow" King Lear After England, this country is the setting for the most Shakespeare plays Italy Henry VIII ends with wife 2 giving birth to her Elizabeth PRESIDENTS South Vietnam fell during this president's administration. Gerald Ford Of Grant, Garfield, or Mckinley, the first president to use a telephone. James A. Garfield PEOPLE OF MYTH Janitor is derived from this roman god of doorways. Janus He held up the sky, not the earth. Atlas Prometheus stole this for man. Fire CANDY Jagged sheet candy, of cashews, almonds, or peanuts Brittle This Peppermint candy is pulled, twisted, and bent, but don't lean on it. Candy Cane IN THE BIBLE Jesus said that looking at a woman lustfully is committing this Adultery Moses' brother and sister Miriam and Aaron Disputed strip of land where Sampson once brought down the house Gaza Following gospels, it's the fifth book of the New Testament Acts Salome performed this, not in the Bible, but in a strauss opera Dance of the 7 veils

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