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Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors 2

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Defeat the water demon without playing the water level

Defeat the water demon without playing the water level

Sent in by Rage To defeat the water demon without going into the water level, you must first beat the Wind elemental. In the room with the piece of the ironsword, stand directly against the door, jump and shoot the ironsword piece. You'll get it, but you'll fall into the door. Play the forest level, but save your magic. Once in the water level, go right instead of left to the water demon. There should be 3 ledges in front of him. Find a safe place to shoot from and fire away. you will defeat him. Now you can go on without playing that annoying water level.


Sent in by Justin RHTMMWQZPHL 6th level
Sent in by Hazy Cloud JKLMJZNRBNXX Last level with everything
DDBMNWMBZZDJ Cloude Area JJTRJZRZQMWN In the Woods XXTRTDGZRPMH In the Woods XXTRTDGXRPMH In the Water JBTRHMWQRRWW In the Water with the Blightwater Spell NRTRZBDTRQDL In the Fire Level KJTNJWQXRLTP In the Fire Level with the Fleetfoot Spell PLTRMBRLNBDR In the Icefire Mountain WLTRMBRLNBKR In the Icefire Mountain with seven League Boots BDTRBTTNNGNT Final Level MQTRLZPBRDZZ Start the game with the Ironsword WARNING! Don't get another sword or you will lose it. RLTRLZPBMMZK Start the game with the Ax and Helmet WBTRLZPBDPZW Start the game with the Shield NTTMNWLPPDBZ Start with lots of weapons and extra lives. Change the fifth character of your password to "J" to start with three extra lives.

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